Hushmat Review – Is This Sound Deadener Worth It?

Having a car with a powerful engine is great. However, what isn’t so great is the amount of noise that escapes from the engine into the cabin.

Similarly, you might find that your car picks up every noise possible from the road, and this all ends up in the cabin too.

So what can you do about this?

There are products available that provide soundproofing solutions specifically for your car. One of these is Hushmat (link to Amazon), which is a sound deadener designed to fit into your car’s cabin.

This is a review of Hushmat, listing all its pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision about whether the product is right for you.

hushmat review

What is Hushmat?

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Hushmat is a product designed to offer sound deadening and thermal insulation properties to the inside of your car. It’s made from dense rubber and has a self-adhesive backing, which makes installation a breeze.

Hushmat is commonly available in sheets, which are quite thick, and you get around 30 in a pack, although there are bigger packs available.

The manufacturers claim it can reduce noise pollution in the vehicle by up to 50%, and heat by more than 70%. If true, this makes it pretty good at its job.

The product is made from something called butyl rubber. This is an incredibly dense synthetic rubber that’s really good at insulating – both heat and sound – and is what most vehicle sound deadening solutions are made from. This is then coated with foil to improve its insulating properties.

Hushmat Review

So to break it down simply, Hushmat is one of the industry leaders in vehicle soundproofing solutions, and for good reason. Its not the best though, check out my favorite sound deadener for car soundproofing.

Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the Hushmat.


One of the best features about the Hushmat is that it’s so simple to install. Each sheet has self-adhesive backing, so all you need to do is peel it off and stick it down! This is ideal because it’ll save you plenty of time because you won’t be messing with a glue gun or other products.

It’s a surprisingly versatile product, and while some other manufacturers produce a range of different sound deadeners for different parts of the vehicle, Hushmat can be used anywhere and everywhere you need it.

More than anything, this means you don’t have to worry about buying loads of different parts for your soundproofing project. Instead you can just buy a pack of Hushmat and get on with it. This makes things much simpler than some of the other industry leaders.

hushmat installation

While the standard bulk package can be used anywhere in the vehicle, Hushmat also make packs specifically for floors and doors. However, the standard pack is fine to be used everywhere. Similarly, the product comes in black and silver, but both do exactly the same job. The only difference between them is the color.

Another great feature of the Hushmat is that it has a range of applications, aside from use in a vehicle. For example, it would be ideal for using in a motor-home, boat, or even for something as simple as putting under your dishwasher to reduce noise.


Although the overall price you pay for the product will depend on how much you actually buy, the general price is about $2 per square foot, which is much cheaper than some of the other leading brands.

The normal pack contains enough to cover around 45 square foot of vehicle, which should be enough for almost any project.


A notable difference between Hushmat and other market leaders is the thickness of the product, which is actually much thinner than some of its rivals. However, due to the density of the butyl rubber used, the thickness makes little to no impact on the effectiveness of the product.

What’s more, this thinness makes it much easier to install (more on that later), and also means it’s easier to fit into those tight gaps, such as around the foot well and inside doors. This also means it’s easier to replace the panels after installation because it doesn’t take up very much room.

Weight Penalty

The final thing that needs addressing about the product is its weight, which is obviously an important factor when it comes to vehicle performance. Even though it’s made from really dense rubber, Hushmat weighs around ¼lb per square foot.

A standard truck cabin kit (one of the products sold by the company), for example, will add around 12lbs of weight to the vehicle.

Pros of Hushmat

  • The product is very light and flexible, which makes for very easy application in a wide range of locations.
  • Its sound deadening properties are very effective, and fitting this in your vehicle will make a noticeable improvement to noise levels.
  • Hushmat is an entry-level price (around $2 per square foot), but performs well above competitors in the same price bracket.
  • Each pack of Hushmat comes with an installation kit, which makes things really easy.
  • Similarly, the self-adhesive backing will save you plenty of time when it comes to installation.
  • What’s more, it’s just as easy to remove as it is to install.
  • Hushmat is a very durable product and will last for a long time if cared for properly.
  • Hushmat can tolerate temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a very effective heat insulator.

Cons of Hushmat

  • One major downside of the product is that the adhesive isn’t all that sticky, so you might find it peeling off after a while.
  • While the thickness of the product still provides impressive sound deadening and heat insulation, a thicker product will do an overall better job.
  • Unlike some other sound deadening mats, Hushmat is only really useful in vehicle and audio applications. So if you’re looking for a product to use effectively around the home for soundproofing, look elsewhere.
  • The standard installation kit is for cars, so if you’re looking to use the product on another vehicle you will have to spend a bit more money. However, these installation kits aren’t too pricey.

So is Hushmat Worth It?

The short answer as to whether Hushmat is worth the investment for your vehicle soundproofing project is yes, it is. Its entry-level price and ease of use make it ideal for those looking to complete the project themselves, and saves you having to shell out for a professional.

The negatives of Hushmat are generally small problems, apart from the poor adhesive backing. However, if this is really going to bother you, it’s not too difficult to remedy with a bit of extra glue. Overall, Hushmat is definitely worth the money.

How to Install Hushmat in Your Car

As mentioned, one of the best features of Hushmat is that it’s a breeze to install. To prove it, here are some basic instructions for installation.

Please note, these are specific to door installation, and so you’ll have to modify your method if installing the product elsewhere in the vehicle.

  1. Start by removing carpet, seats, and trim, including any loose bits of foam or carpet that have worn down. Clean the area down to some extent, but this is only to make the product stick better.
  2. Take your first piece of Hushmat and, starting in the top corner, lay it over the section you plan to cover. Don’t remove the backing yet, as you want to make sure you’ve got measurements correct.
  3. As part of this step, mark any places that you’ll need to cut out, including trimming edges to fit. However, one of the benefits of Hushmat is that it can easily be folded around bends and corners.
  4. Use scissors or a craft knife to remove any cutouts you need. The sheet is then ready for application.
  5. Peel back the backing paper along one side and then carefully stick this down. Make sure your edges are lined up before pressing down as this will save you having to pull it back up.
  6. Next, work the backing paper off carefully, sticking the sheet down as you go. Be sure to apply firm but even pressure, working towards the last edge you need to stick down. This will help you remove any air bubbles.
  7. Repeat until the inside of the vehicle is covered, and then replace all panels, carpet, and seating. And it’s as easy as that!

For the floors, watch the video below:

Some Final Thoughts

Hushmat is a great product mainly because it’s so easy to install. While other sound deadening mats might be slightly more effective, Hushmat wins in most situations because you can apply it yourself, rather than going to an engineer.

However, it’s worth checking out some other sound deadening mats, as you might find one much better suited to your needs. Hushmat is a good place to start though because it’s inexpensive and does a pretty good job.

Similarly, check out the range of products that Hushmat offer, as they do several different kinds of sound deadening mat, and each has a different application. Don’t be afraid to buy some and test it out before committing to soundproofing your entire vehicle. After all, it’s not expensive!

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