Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat (Spray On Sound Deadener Vs Mat)

Sound deadening mats are a popular solution for quieting road noise in a vehicle. There also exists an option of spraying the interior surfaces with sound deadening material which very few people know.

In this post, I aim to compare the most popular options in each category.

Each of the methods has its own pros and cons. The first question which needs to be answered is WHICH IS BETTER?

From what I have observed and experienced, the Dynamat does a better job at sound deadening but at the cost of being more expensive and difficult to work with. The Lizard Skin can be a little messy but with the right precautions, is much easier to apply and covers more areas of the vehicle.

lizard skin vs dynamat

Lizard Skin Vs Dynamat – Salient Differences Between A Spray On Sound Deadener And The Mat

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Understanding main differences between the spray application of the Lizard Skin and installation of the Dynamat is important for you to make an informed choice. Here they are:

  Lizard Skin Dynamat
Preparation The entire interiors have to be completely stripped as the spray can ruin them. Partial installation and installation in stages is not a problem.
Ease of Application Spraying is easy and quick but can be messy. No scissor and no cutting involved. But, you need a spray gun. Difficult to cut and apply.
Coverage Entire body, frames and ribs can easily be covered. It is nearly impossible to cover all gaps. Covers mostly body section only.
Finish No seams or gaps. However, there is a risk of nuts and bolts getting jammed. Expect seams and gaps.
Cost of material for an average car Approximately $300. Approximately $450 or more.
Thickness Thicker at 0.40” to 0.60”. Less thick at 0.067”.

Both these products are water based and that is the one good thing they have in common.

Most of the other ones out there are asphalt based and release toxic vapors when subject to hot climatic conditions. Moreover, when these asphalt based sound deadeners melt, they create a mess which is very tough to deal with.

Apart from this and the sound deadening qualities, I don’t think there are any major things in common between Lizard Skin and Dynamat.

Now let’s talk about them one by one in detail.

Lizard Skin Sound Control

Lizard Skin Sound Control Lizard Skin markets its ‘Sound Control’ to be used in Conjunction with ‘Ceramic Insulation’ and ‘Top Coat’.

The Ceramic Insulation is meant for thermal insulation whereas the Top Coat is meant for providing ‘durability and a glossy finish.

The cost of all three products combined will turn out much more than the Dynamat.

However, as the ‘Ceramic Insulation’ and ‘Top Coat’ are not related to sound deadening, there is no point in taking them into consideration. You don’t need all three for soundproofing your car.

The Lizard Skin Sound Control comes in 2 gallon buckets. The company recommends two coats at a thickness of 0.40” to 0.60”.

A marker to measure the thickness is also provided. For the average car, you would need 4 gallons at the most even though Lizard Skin estimates 6 gallons for a hardtop car. Check out their calculator.


There are no partial installs possible. Once you decide to go the spray way, you will have to do the entire car. I have not seen anyone do a DIY job with the Lizard Skin.

The pros will strip the entire vehicle and dismantle the doors so that they can safely apply the spray. The liquid has to be mixed before applying and for that you will need a mixing kit that can be attached to a power drill.

You will also need a spray gun. It’s best to use the one designed by the company. You get both of these sold as a kit on Amazon. Check it out.

Before spraying, you will need some protection like masking tape for the holes, nuts and bolts. If you skip this, you will have a tough time removing the coating over these parts.

You will also have to protect the surrounding areas with plastic sheets like any other paint or spray job.


You start with a small area, confirm with the marker that the thickness is right and then go ahead with the first coat of the whole area. You do this for each surface. After about an hour, you apply the second coat.

Sound Deadening Capability of Lizard Skin Sound Control

The sound deadening capability has been generally reported to be good. Watch the Lizard Skin Sound Control test video below.

Advantages of The Lizard Skin Spray On Sound Deadener

  • Though the preparation requires to be a little elaborate, the whole process is easy and takes less time.
  • All areas of the body frames and ribs are covered, no parts are left out untreated.
  • No issues of moisture being trapped as compared to mats (will be explained later)
  • No cutting required – no risk of injuries due to cuts.
  • Though it is not cheap, cost of installation as compared to Dynamat is lesser.


  • Can get really messy if you are not careful. Extensive precautions required.
  • You really need to be insanely careful about the vehicle paint. This thing really sticks.
  • A difficult DIY task. Professional services are highly recommended.
  • Not tested and reviewed extensively enough as compared to the proven record of Dynamat.


Dynamat Xtreme Dynamat is awesome and is worth every penny. In this article, I explain why and I highly suggest you read it.

The only negative factor is the cost which is why many people go for cheaper alternatives.

As great as it is, Dynamat will not be able to provide the kind of soundproofing that you experience in home theaters. That is why Dynamat and other products are called sound deadeners.

Nonetheless, the experience with sound deadening is absolutely worth it. Do you really want near 100 per cent soundproofing in a car? From a safety angle, you need to be able to hear outside noises faintly.

The Dynamat Xtreme is the main stuff which will cover the major portion of the vehicle. There are two more products that Dynamat markets – Dynaliner and Dynapad.

The Dynaliner is meant for thermal insulation more than sound deadening. It is lightweight in comparison to the Dynamat Xtreme. I don’t suggest Dynaliner as a replacement or an addition to the Xtreme.

Dynapad is heavy stuff and will do a better job than the Xtreme. But it is too thick to be used for the entire car. However, it is a great idea to have some on the floor from where maximum road noise is transmitted inside.


Unlike the Lizard Skin, there is moderate amount of pre-install work that you need to do for Dynamat. You can even do in stages. There is no paint, spraying or dirty liquids that will damage your car.


Probably, the most difficult part of installing Dynamat is the cutting part. You have to have the right tools and you need to be careful while cutting.

After you have measured and made the cuttings, cleaned the surface, you will have to remove the release liner and stick the Dynamat. After that you will have to use a roller to apply pressure for the adhesive to stick firmly.

For small surfaces, these activities are not a problem. For larger areas such as the roof and floors, you will be sticking big pieces. Removing the release liner and sticking has to be in stages. You will remove one corner section, stick it and keep removing and sticking as you move up.

Though the application is not too easy, it can be DIY with the help of a friend or family member.

Sound Deadening Capabilities of Dynamat Xtreme

The Dynamat is the best that’s available right now and has been the most popular option for many years. It is highly effective. See the test video from Crutchfield.

Advantages of Dynamat

  • Very effective for reducing road noise.
  • Highly reliable as it is tried and tested.
  • Not asphalt based like other sound deadening mats.
  • DIY is feasible which saves labor cost.


  • Expensive.
  • Difficult to work with. You have to ensure that there are no air gaps or else moisture will get trapped in.
  • Can’t cover 100 per cent of the vehicle.
  • A professional install would cost more than a Lizard Skin spray job as the application process is more complex.

Dynamat Vs Lizard Skin – Verdict

The pros and cons of both have been brought out in detail. Now, you can make an informed decision on which one to go for.

I prefer the Dynamat purely because I have used it before and I know it is excellent.

As far as the Lizard Skin goes, I have not heard or read negative reviews. However, nobody has ever done a head to head comparison. So, whether it is as good or better than Dynamat is not known.

Dynamat is expensive but very effective. But Lizard Skin is not cheap either. Cheaper alternatives are available for sound deadening a vehicle (Read my article).

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