Your Guide To Soundproofing Without Wall Construction

If you live in an apartment, soundproofing without wall construction is something you may want to look into. Chances are you know how loud and annoying it can be when the unit next to yours is making noises. 

Soundproofing Without Wall Construction

To soundproof an apartment without wall construction, you can:

  • Plug holes
  • Install mass-loaded vinyl
  • Add furniture to muffle the sound
  • Use acoustic foams

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When soundproofing an apartment wall, focus on the weakest points to reduce noise.

Installing drywall is not possible when you live in an apartment. But various soundproofing alternatives work just as well in making your home a lot quieter than rooms without any soundproofing.

Soundproofing Without Wall Construction: Is it Possible?

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When planning to soundproof a wall, most of the suggestions you will find online involve wall construction. For instance, some will say that the best way to soundproof your wall is to install drywall. On the other hand, some will suggest double-wall stud assembly.

While those soundproofing methods are no doubt effective, they can be difficult to utilize. Apart from that, soundproofing methods that involve wall construction are costly.

But there are other methods that you can try if you need to soundproof your walls without construction.

Soundproofing without wall construction is possible. In fact, the methods are very efficient if you live in an apartment where installing a drywall and other similar soundproofing methods is prohibited.

There are a lot of soundproofing materials that you can install just by using glue. This way, you will be able to achieve a quiet environment in your room without having to spend much.

Additionally, most of the soundproofing methods that do not need construction can be done all by yourself.

How Can You Soundproof a Room Without Construction?

Apartments generally have thin walls. Such can be an issue if you live near a busy street or have a neighbor who plays loud music all day and night. For many people who are apartment dwellers, unwanted noise is already a fact of life.

True enough, disturbing noises are unavoidable. Sometimes, you will think of soundproofing your walls using drywall. But you cannot do that because you cannot do any construction on your apartment wall.

Fortunately, there are soundproofing methods that do not require wall construction.

Moreover, the most effective method of soundproofing your space without damaging or tearing down your walls is combining damping and mass. Meaning you need to use a noise dampening material that has mass.

Notably, mass is important for soundproofing. According to physics, the more mass a material has, the better it will work for soundproofing. 

Heavy materials make it difficult for sound waves to pass through. For this reason, noises become less audible.

1. Search For Any Gaps And Holes And Plug Them

You may be wondering how there can be gaps and holes in your apartment wall. But if your room is connected to the apartment next to you, chances are cables are going through the walls.

No matter how tiny, these holes allow sound waves to travel from your neighbor to your room.

You can use green glue in case you find any holes and gaps on the wall. This material will not only seal the holes but will block sound waves from entering your room.

Alternatively, you can use silicone caulk. This material is elastic and adheres excellently to smooth surfaces. Silicone caulk is also water-resistant. So, you can use it in areas where high moisture levels exist, such as bathrooms and the kitchen.

2. Install Mass-loaded Vinyl

Mass-loaded vinyl or MLV is among the best materials that work best in insulating impact noise. But they can also reduce airborne noise significantly.

Additionally, you can put MLV on your wall as a solution for thermal problems. The reason is that vinyl mats are very thick panels that you can use as a soundproofing and insulation material. In the winter, you will notice that the temperature of your room will increase a few degrees after installing MLV.

MLV also focuses on bass noise or low-frequency noise.

3. Put Furniture In Your Apartment

If your apartment has thin walls, you can place a bookshelf next to that wall. The bookshelf will act as a blocker for the sound waves that pass through your wall. It will also help you prevent your room from producing echoes.

An apartment without furniture will allow sound waves to bounce off of walls. As a result, it produces echoes, which can be disturbing when you are talking to someone or trying to record something. To eliminate the echo effect, you need to put some pieces of furniture in your space.

Bookshelves, tables, sofa, and even dining chairs can help in making your apartment significantly quieter. These furniture pieces will break the bouncing sound waves, causing them to reduce their sound before they can even hit your solid walls.

4. Install Acoustic Foams To The Walls

Acoustic wall foams are one of the easiest sound dampening materials that you can install without wall construction.

It is also affordable, so you will be able to utilize it even if you are on a tight budget. What is even better about this soundproofing material is that it also has insulating power.

Most acoustic foams consist of polyester. So, they are highly resistant to oil, which is perfect if you need to soundproof a wall in your kitchen.

You can also use moving pads, thick blankets, or quilts to cover your walls. Hard surfaces serve as an excellent amplifier for sound. So, covering them with soft materials will help absorb noises, making your room quiet.

When you opt to use blankets or curtains to soundproof your walls, make sure that you are getting the thickest option. While thin cloth may work, thicker ones will work better in absorbing sound waves.


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