4 Best Sound Deadening Materials For Your Van Or RV

For more peaceful and quieter rides, you’ll need to install the best sound deadening materials for your van or RV.

Best Sound Deadening Materials For Your Van Or RV

The best sound deadening materials for a van or RV are:

  • Sound deadener insulation
  • Foamboard
  • Butyl sound deadener mat
  • Mass-loaded vinyl

These materials will reduce the sound waves that can enter your van. Such is beneficial if you live in an RV.

Soundproofing your vehicle is one way to make it more comfortable. But you need to ensure that you are getting the best sound deadening material to block the most amount of noise from entering.

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The Best Sound Deadening Materials For Your Van Or RV Or Motorhome

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What lies behind the walls of your vehicle is not one of its most exciting parts when it comes to van conversion. However, it is among the most crucial parts that need your attention.

When your van or your RV has poor insulation, it will either be too cold or too hot. The lack of insulation will also make the vehicle prone to mold and moisture. Most importantly, it will not have any sound dampening capabilities.

It is not easy to find comfort inside your vehicle when you can hear everything that is happening outside. Fortunately, you can prevent that by installing sound-deadening materials.

Here are the best sound deadening materials for your van and RV:

1. Sound Deadener Insulation

This soundproofing material is a combination of thermal insulation and sound deadening. Sound deadener insulation or thermal, acoustic insulation is a closed-cell foam covered by foil.

Sound deadener insulation is durable and highly resistant to heat. The majority of these soundproofing materials in the market are self-adhesive, making them easy to install.

Another positive thing about sound deadener insulation is that it is flexible. For this reason, it is easy to mold to the positions that your vehicle requires.

Since this material is specially designed to reduce the road noise that you hear inside your vehicle, you can ensure that your van will be less noisy.

2. Foam Board

Rigid foam boards, such as Polyisocyanurate, work well for soundproofing a van. They are widely available in your local hardware stores and are considerably affordable. In addition, foam boards have an insulating factor of R5 for every inch of thickness.

Due to its thickness, foam boards can help in reducing the amount of noise that you can hear from outside your vehicle. It can also muffle sound inside your van by decoupling the layers.

As a result, your van or RV will be able to prevent noises from bouncing off of walls.

3. Butyl Sound Deadener Mat

A butyl sound deadener mat is basically a butyl sheet with an aluminum foil layer at the back.

This material is one of the most popular when it comes to vehicle sound deadening. Its principal function is to absorb unwanted rattles and vibrations.

Butyl rubber is a type of synthetic rubber compound commonly used for tires and basketball inner layers. But one of the best uses for this material is as a soundproofing mat.

Moreover, butyl rubber is very dense. For this reason, it is pretty heavy, meaning butyl rubber works well for absorbing sound waves and vibrations that might get into your vehicle when you are driving.

4. Mass-loaded Vinyl

Mass-loaded vinyl or MLV’s primary purpose is to serve as an acoustic barrier. It is typically one pound per square foot, making it an excellent material for sound absorption.

MLV sound barriers work by adding mass to your vehicle’s floor with minimal thickness. This way, sound waves will not have any chance of entering the vehicle.

Apart from absorbing sound waves, MLV also deadens engine and noise vibrations.

What are the Best Sound Deadening Materials for Vans?

Mass-loaded vinyl is the best and most popular sound deadening material used on vans.

MLV is a little bit pricey. However, it is the most effective way to reduce the sound waves that can enter your vehicle. 

So, regardless of the price, it is a worthy and cost-effective investment.

Moreover, mass-loaded vinyl serves as an excellent barrier for sound dampening, vibration, and heat, making it popular for vehicle soundproofing. Not only can it reduce the noise that enters your van, but it can also enhance the sound inside.

Additionally, this material is easy to work with. It has a permanent adhesive and an aluminum coating, so it is highly resistant to heat. 

Apart from soundproofing, it also blocks heat from infiltrating your van. As a result, it will be easier for your air conditioner to decrease the temperature of your car, which allows you to save fuel.

However, it is essential for you to apply MLV smoothly without any wrinkles if you want it to serve its purpose.

Although MLV is expensive, it provides a number of benefits for your vehicle, including:

  • Ease of installation
  • Sound and vibration blockage
  • Thermal control
  • Enhances the quality of sound inside the van

Should I Sound Deaden My Van?

There is nothing more disturbing than road noise. Not only can it make you feel uncomfortable, but it can also distract you while you are driving. For this reason, you need to sound deaden your van.

However, you should not aim to eliminate the noise that you hear from the outside entirely. That can sometimes be dangerous. For instance, if someone is honking behind you to call your attention about a vehicle coming towards you, but you cannot hear it, you could be in danger.

Still, it is important to sound deaden your van. Driving in a noisy environment can take your attention away from the road. For this reason, you need to take steps to reduce the sound waves that enter your vehicle.

Soundproofing your van allows you to reduce unnecessary noises and provides you with an almost quiet interior. Too much noise can also cause fatigue. So, reducing noise pollution will help you drive comfortably and peacefully.


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