How To Make A Kettle Quiet – 4 Ways That Worked For Me

I treasure the peace and quiet of my home every day, but especially in the mornings. I recently realized that my peaceful morning routine of lying in bed to enjoy the calm of a new day could be threatened by the hissing of the kettle. It has grown noisier each day with use.

How To Make A Kettle Quiet

Some people have built up quite a tolerance for all the annoying sounds of a kettle. I simply can’t find it in me to bear it. Apart from ruining my morning routine, the noise can also awaken everyone else.

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How To Make A Kettle Quiet

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So, I did what I do best and found the best ways to make a kettle quiet. They are as listed below. You can use any of these methods in your home too.

  • Use a tea cosy
  • Rubberized undercoating spray (also used to make kitchen sinks quiet)
  • Apply extra padding
  • Remove the limescale in the kettle
    • Vinegar rinse
    • Citric acid rinse
    • Lemon juice rinse

1. Using A Tea Cosy

tea cosy They may be from a long time ago, but tea cosies are still being used in homes and even restaurants for insulation purposes. They come in various forms and designs, mostly hand knitted. Some have padded components that can be washed regularly.

A tea cosy keeps the content of a teapot warm for some time. Thankfully, tea cosies can also help to make a kettle quieter. When placed on the kettle, it muffles the sounds and your water or electric tea kettle can boil for as long you want with little noise.

I tried a large tea cosy that could cover my kettle. Ensure that the tea cosy you use is thick or has insulation. You can also go all out on the design; tea cosies are beautiful and can add colour or character to your kitchen.

2. Rubberized Undercoating Spray

Rubberized undercoating spray is mostly used in cars to prevent rust and limit the noise from the road. When used on the electric kettle, a rubberized undercoating spray offers similar benefits. It protects the kettle from dirt and dust. It also makes it soundproof or quieter.

Get a can of rubberized undercoating spray from Amazon. Wash and dry the kettle, then spray. Make sure you avoid the holes and wires as you do this. The new rubberized coating helps to deaden sound.

Rubberized undercoating spray is helpful in soundproofing kitchen sinks (read my guide).

3. Extra Padding

This works after a simple test. Lift your kettle off the floor or surface while it boils if the noise reduces then the problem is agitation.

Padding beneath the electric kettle can bring a significant change. Use sound deadening mats or a thick material that minimizes noise. Place the material under the kettle when in use.

4. Limescale Solution

I have heard a few neighbours complain that their kettle wasn’t noisy from the start. The annoying sounds began as the kettle was used more often.

Limescale or sediments that sit in the kettle can contribute to its noise as it gets older in the home. Limescale is a tough deposit also known as calcium carbonate. It is commonly found in hard to reach places where hot or boiling water evaporates and solidifies. They are hard to eliminate by scrubbing alone.

The process of removing limescale from the kettle is known as de-scaling. This solution can return your kettle to a quiet state. Here are two methods to use.

 Vinegar Rinse

  • Pour equal part vinegar and plain water in the kettle and leave to sit for one hour.
  • Boil the mixture in the kettle after the hour to dissolve the limescale completely
  • Pour out the mixture and rinse thoroughly. You can also wash with dish soap.

The procedure is demonstrated in this short and to the point video.

Citric Acid Rinse

  • Add one teaspoon of citric acid to 100ml of water in the kettle.
  • Boil for some time and leave to sit afterwards for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse and use as normal

Lemon Juice Rinse

  • Repeat the procedure for vinegar rinse using lemon juice instead. It gives the same result with a fresh fragrance in the kettle.

These rinse methods help to eliminate any furring and de-scale limescale deposits. The kettle goes back to functioning efficiently and quietly.

Additional Tips To Make A Kettle Quiet

Some kettles are never noisy within the first months of use. However, things quickly change because of improper maintenance. Here are some tips I now use to maintain the efficiency and quietness of my kettle.

  • Avoid leaving standing water in the kettle after use. This promotes the accumulation of mineral deposits in the kettle which reduces the kettle’s ability to function properly.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the kettle weekly.
  • Do not immerse an electric kettle in water to avoid damaging the heating element.

Recommended Quiet Kettles

Most people opt for a quiet kettle to avoid the need for soundproofing altogether. Unfortunately, not all quiet kettle function as advertised. Here are top quiet kettles that could be worth the investment.

1. Secura the Original Double Wall Tea Kettle (check on Amazon)


  • It can hold up to 1.7L of water
  • The noise level is 60HZ- a small humming sound you would hardly notice.
  • The inside of the kettle is stainless steel. It is BPA free and safe for health.
  • The kettle is easy to handle presenting no risks to life.

2. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cordless Programmable Kettle (see it on Amazon)


  • Being stainless steel, it is quite easy to clean.
  • Outfitted with a non-slip handle
  • It has 6 temperature settings to enhance convenience
  • Its futuristic design offers several perks like telling you the right temperatures for beverages.

3. Hamilton Beach Compact Glass Kettle (Check price on Amazon)


  • It prepares 1L of water
  • The design is a glass body that is illuminated when the water becomes hot
  • It automatically shuts off after boiling.
  • It lifts off the base for easy use.

4. Fellow Stagg EKG (check on Amazon)


  • Beautiful design
  • It is effective in keeping the water warm for up to 30 minutes
  • It is made of stainless steel
  • The quiet ratings for this kettle are excellent.

Final Thoughts

You can get your kettle to produce only a humming sound by applying these soundproofing methods. Quiet kettles are also a good option and can be worth the money when you find the right ones.

The quiet kettles listed above are proven to work as quietly as possible. Consider factors like how much water a kettle can hold and the design before making the purchase.

Thanks for reading. Do check my other articles and recommended products for soundproofing before leaving.

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