How To Make A Hamster Wheel Quiet In 5 Simple Steps

Hamsters are wonderful creatures. They are cute pets you can live with and they are not demanding. A hamster stays in its cage most of the time so there’s no messing up your home constantly or causing accidents. There is only one problem I have observed with having a hamster- noise!

A typical hamster’s cage comes with wheels and hamsters run on this wheel as a daily exercise. If you have experienced this first hand like me, you would discover that the hamster’s wheel can be annoyingly noisy. As if that isn’t enough, those cute hamsters are also nocturnal creatures, which means they are more active at night than in the day.

You can imagine how frustrating it would be to listen to your pet running on the wheel at 2 am. Add that to the constant shuffling and thumping. Now, I can’t get rid of the pet, but I can do something about the noise for everybody’s sake.

How To Make A Hamster Wheel Quiet

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You can make a hamster wheel quiet by employing some simple and smart techniques. The 5 methods/steps that I followed are as shown below:

  1. Relocate the cage to a more quiet location
  2. Replace the wheel with a silent one
  3. Insulate the hamster cage
  4. Lubricate the wheel
  5. Give your hamster a mansion

How To Make A Hamster Wheel Quiet

1. Start with the cage location

The major reason I can hear the hamster wheel at night is that the cage is sitting in the bedroom.

A lot of people like their pet close to them especially at night. However, if you are experiencing problems with the noise, then this would need to change.

One of the simplest ways to make a hamster wheel quiet is to place the cage in another room. Find somewhere with enough air, light, and no direct sun rays. Place the cage in this location and you won’t have to deal with the noise. The hamster can also exercise and play undisturbed.

2. Replace the wheels

You can remove the wheels entirely from the hamster’s cage but that is an unhealthy choice for your pet. A hamster’s exercise is important to prevent obesity and other dangerous health issues. Also, most hamsters love the wheel as a fun item to play with.

Another effective way to make the wheel quiet is to change them. Manufacturers have realized that hamster lovers need silent wheels to solve the issue of noise.  The two major types of silent hamster wheels available are plastic and wooden wheels. Both wheels are perfect for exercise and built with the right components for smooth and quiet use. They also come with extra grip to protect your pet from falling or slipping.

The plastic and wooden silent wheels possess the same noiseless effect and are quite affordable despite their invaluable use. Some people don’t like the wooden wheels because of their look but these wheels are stronger, durable, and offer variety. Meanwhile, it is important to note that your hamster may take an interest in chewing the wood.

The plastic wheels offer a modern look. They come in different colours, sizes and designs. This makes plastic more popular amongst hamster lovers.

3. Insulate the cage

A typical hamster’s cage has wide open spaces where you can see your pet and even interact, but this structure is also responsible for letting so much noise out.

Insulating the cage may help to reduce the noise. It works mostly for impact noise the hamster makes such as slipping sounds, thumping, or shuffling.

Get a thick blanket and fold it up a few times. Place the blanket underneath the cage and it absorbs most sounds. This can be a temporary solution only at night or until you can buy the silent wheels.

4. Lubricate the wheel

A hamster wheel is a spinning object which means it has parts that can get rusty and squeaky. Lubricating these parts regularly can help them work smoothly and eliminate noise.

Remove the wheel from the cage and take it apart. Use olive oil, groundnut oil, Vaseline, or butter as the lubricator. Place a few drops or rub the oily substance on all the wheel’s components. These include the hinge and axle. Put everything back and replace the wheel. It should run smoothly with no noise.

There’s no limit to how often you can lubricate the wheel. If your rodent takes a sudden liking to the oil and licks it, try adding hot pepper sauce with the lubricants on the wheel to deter the hamster.

5. Give your hamster a mansion

As we stated earlier, the primary reason you hear every sound the hamster makes is because of the open cage. There’s no insulation to block or contain the sound in the cage. Thankfully, there are better homes you can provide for your pet that come with soundproofing properties and satisfaction for your rodent.

A hamster aquarium or habitat is a pleasant replacement for the noisy cage and wheel. The habitat is designed in an enclosed style to keep the hamster’s noise in. They also come with wooden or plastic wheels and can be any size.

It is a worthy investment for its soundproof qualities and don’t forget the all-around fun available for your pet each day. I particularly love this idea because you can own as many hamsters as you want without fear of noise.

Final Thoughts On Making A Hamster Wheel Quiet

One interesting solution a friend told me about, was to get a lazy hamster. This may sound funny but I looked into it and found it could work. Some hamsters are hardworking and love to keep fit while some prefer to eat and sleep more than constant exercise. When this happens, you can get more rest at night without having to endure long hours of squeaky noise.

A lazy hamster is only awake for a short time. As can be expected, this comes with a downside too because your pet would display the same laziness when it’s time to play.

You can use any of the more effective methods above or combine them. Not only do you get to sleep better, but you also avoid disturbing any roommates or neighbours. Hamsters are great creatures and a joy to have around especially for kids. Finding the best way to reduce the wheel noise will improve your relationship.

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