Tesla Model S Soundproofing 101

Tesla Model S soundproofing is essential if you want a comfortable long ride. Of course, you will not enjoy this next-generation vehicle if you can hear the noises from outside. Driving at high speeds, you will hear a lot of wind and road noise getting into the vehicle’s cabin.

To soundproof your Tesla Model S, you can:

  • Use floor mats specially made for Tesla
  • Apply soundproofing to the wheel wells
  • Install sound deadeners to the doors
Tesla Model S Soundproofing

These solutions will reduce the noises getting into your car, making your rides more comfortable.

Knowing how to soundproof your Tesla Model S is one thing. However, is this solution worth the money you will spend?

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Tesla Model S Soundproofing

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There is no denying that Tesla makes high-end cars with excellent power and engines. Fantastic engines, next-gen features, and comfortable seats — these are only a few of what Tesla cars can offer. 

What’s more, the Tesla Model S has a sports car design and could charge in minutes. It was considered the safest car ever tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Admission.

But there is one problem — driving the Tesla Model S at high speeds will make you deal with loud wind noise and road noise. But the good news is that you can soundproof your Tesla to reduce the noise while driving. 

That said, below are three tips for Tesla Model S soundproofing:

1. Apply Floor Mats Made Explicitly For Tesla Vehicles

The floor of a car is a massive passageway for noises. When driving, it will be inevitable for bumps and rattling sounds coming from the road to resonate to the surface of the floor. 

Tesla is already good at making it more difficult for noises to pass through. 

However, there are still some upgrades that you can do to reduce unwanted noises further. To do that, you can install a special floor mat for the Tesla Model S. 

Such a mat provides your car with both soundproofing and thermal insulation. For instance, the 3D MAXpider floor mat (Amazon) consists of three layers, with the middle layer acting as the shock absorber.

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model S 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Custom Fit Car Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row, Black)

You can use it to cover your Tesla Model S’s floor without damaging its surface. This way, you will be able to reduce the number of noises infiltrating your vehicle. 

2. Insulate The Car’s Wheel Wells

This solution is much just like the method of soundproofing your Tesla’s floor. Insulating the wheel wells involves covering them with a thick yet flexible material. 

Wheel wells are located near your tires, making them very prone to road noise. For this reason, you must cover them with a material that can block road noise effectively. 

Moreover, you can use mass-loaded vinyl (Amazon) for insulating wheel wells. But note that MLV is not self-adhesive, so you will need to use a spray adhesive when installing it. Regardless of that, MLV is durable enough for insulating wheel wells.

In addition, MLV is a very dense material. That said, Tesla Model S soundproofing will help you block noises coming from the outside of the car. 

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3. Soundproof The Doors

Most of the gaps present in your Tesla Model S are around the doors. For this reason, you must soundproof them. 

For Tesla Model S soundproofing that involves the doors, you need to: 

  • Get a self-adhesive sound deadening mat and cut it to fit.
  • Remove the door panel and install your sound deadener. 
  • Return the door panel in place once you ensure that the sound deadener is adhering well.

Is It Worth It To Soundproof Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S does not require soundproofing when you are driving at low speeds. But at high speeds, you may hear road noises along with wind noises, which can cause you to lose your focus from the road. If you have ever experienced such, Tesla Model S soundproofing is the solution. 

However, is soundproofing a car worth the money you will spend?

The quick answer is yes. There are three primary reasons why you should soundproof your Tesla Model S.

Improves Car Audio Quality

With all the road noise around you when you are driving, it can be challenging to enjoy the music that you are playing. With soundproofing, the music coming from your car speakers will sound clearer and crisper. The reason is that there will be less road noise infiltrating your vehicle.

As a result, you will have a more pleasant driving experience while enjoying good music.

Peaceful Driving Experience

If your car has a reasonable amount of sound deadening, you will experience a quiet and peaceful drive whenever you go out for a ride. Meaning you will hear less of the rattling noises coming from the engine. In addition, the sound from the other cars around you, such as engines and horns, will be less heard.

Furthermore, soundproofing may sound simple, but it can bring a massive difference to your driving experience.

Better In-Car Conversation

The road noises coming into your vehicle can be disturbing, especially if you talk to your co-passenger while driving. But with soundproofing, you will have a better conversation with the people you are within the vehicle.  

That said, it is safe to say that Tesla Model S soundproofing is indeed worth the cost.

The Best Sound Deadeners For Tesla Model S

The top choices for Tesla Model S sound-deadening materials are MAXpider and Dynamat. These two brands are the industry leaders when it comes to different soundproofing vehicles. The reason is that they work effectively in reducing noises, making them worth the investment. 

However, it is essential to note that both Dynamat and Maxpider are expensive. So, you need to prepare your budget when planning to soundproof your Tesla Model S. With sound deadeners’ benefits, spending a good amount on this acoustic solution is worth it.


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