7 Best Quiet Tires in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide Included)

When buying tires, people overlook the importance of getting the best quiet tires.

Driving is fun. However, if the tires are making a constant humming noise, it can ruin the ride and give you a headache instead.

In this article, we have shared some of the best quiet tires in the market. The items are not in a particular order, but rest assured, these are the best quiet tires on the market. We have also assembled a guide to help you choose the best quiet tires in the market.

Best Quiet Tires in the Market

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Let us take a look at some of the most popular and high-performing quiet tires in the market.

1. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Radial Tire

The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus radial Tires are created with special materials, including silica and other polymers to increase the grip and traction on the roads. These tires perform well in all weather conditions, including wet and snow-covered roads.

These will be the best combination with your SUV and other luxury cars. Furthermore, the tires are designed to give lower rolling resistance to reduce the frictional forces between the road and tires. This also reduces fuel consumption.

As the name suggests, these Bridgestone tires are designed to provide a serene and calm journey. Bridgestone uses “Resonance Noise Attenuated Silencer Grooves” in these tires to reduce the noise output.

Customers love the steering feel and stability of these tires along with the quiet ride they offer. Bridgestone offers various tire sizes and other specifications that will help make these a perfect duo in your car. Also, these tires are not too high on budget, considering their excellent performance.

What you will like about them:

  • These tires give excellent performance on wet roads
  • The ride will be comfortable and safe.
  • These tires are sturdy and stable on the road
  • The traction is good on both wet and dry roads.
  • The tread life is good
  • These tires feature semi-closed shoulders.


  • The voids between the tread blocks vary from small to large.
  • As the tire wears down, it doesn’t work well in deep snow.

2. Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

The Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring tires have all the features that you need to look for in the best quiet tire. The tire manufacturers have included an asymmetric tread pattern, circumferential grooves, and shoulder blocks to provide a quiet tire best for all-season traction.

Based on customer reviews, this is one of the most popular products people buy for their SUVs and Sedans.

Goodyear has added another feature that makes these tires an all-time favorite.

The tires are coupled with an extra rubber layer that absorbs all kinds of shocks. This makes the ride smoother and also reduces the crunching noises while the wheels are rolling over gravel on pavements.

These tires are quiet at higher speeds as well due to the shock absorbers.

If you want a pleasant ride, this set of tires is a must-buy for you. 

What you will like about them:

  • These tires give excellent traction on both wet and dry roads
  • These tires are designed for a comfortable and quiet ride
  • The wheels cushion all shocks
  • This model is also easy on the budget
  • The tread life is long-lasting
  • These tires also come with a good tread warranty.


  • Traction on roads covered in slush is not good.

3. Michelin Premier LTX

This brand is a dream come true for truck drivers and SUV owners. They are also very popular in light-duty vans and crossovers.

These tires provide excellent traction on both wet and dry roads.

Michelin Premier LTX tires are known to be the quietest on the road. In most tires, you need to compromise on some noise for better traction. Premier LTX offers both comfortable and quiet tires for a safe journey.

These tires are perfect for all-season touring and offer ride comfort. Manufacturers use silica and sunflower oil to increase the grip of the tires on the roads. The new Premier LTX also comes with better braking performance.

The tires feature new circumferential grooves opening up as the tires wear down. This improves the durability and tread life of the tires.

Premier LTX lives up to Mechelin’s promise of “Safe when new. Safe when worn.” These are one of the best quietest tires on the market.

What you will like about them:

  • These tires provide excellent traction for wet roads
  • These tires offer excellent performance in winter season too
  • These are the quietest tires on the market
  • The ride will be smooth and safe


  • None found

4. Michelin Defender All-Season Radial Tire

Michelin Defender is the latest product by Michelin. It offers the best services for any vehicle including, coupes, minivans, crossover, and sedans. These will be the perfect quiet tires for grand touring.

Michelin promises excellent quality traction with its advanced technology. It uses silica in its tread blocks. These tires have extra biting edges, which make them perfect for wet traction for touring all-season.

Manufacturers have designed the tires with two steel belts that give an edge to their strength and durability. This feature also promotes a longer tread life.

With these tires, you can be assured of ride comfort in all terrains. Michelin offers a 90,000 miles warranty that is one of the best warranties in automobile parts. The tires wear out evenly, making this the favored model of most drivers.

What you will like about them:

  • Michelin is an all-season radial tire
  • These are known to be one of the quietest ties on the market
  • These tires offer low rolling resistance, thus improving their fuel-efficiency and saving energy.
  • These tires show high performance on light snow and ice too.


  • The tread life can be improved.
  • These tires don’t have good handling in heavy snow.

5. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Ecopia Tire

The Bridgestone Dueler Ecopia is designed to provide a quieter ride than other traditional tires in the market. It promises to reduce road noise with its enhanced technology.

It also aims to improve fuel efficiency by reducing the friction between the road and tires without compromising on safety. Bridgestone also uses a Fuel Saver compound in its material to save energy.

Bridgestone uses special engineering to increase both wet and dry road handling experience. It uses its grooves to reduce the noise level and also pushes water away from underneath the tire. This makes it even safer and easy to drive on wet roads during the winter season.

Bridgestone also offers a variety of sizes according to the specifications of your car or light truck. A plus point is the warranty of 65,000 miles.

Considering all of the above features, the price of these tires is very reasonable. Before you make the ultimate choice, you should also have a look at the following list of pros and cons.

What you will like about them:

  • The cornering grip of these tires is excellent
  • Bridgestone Dueler offers a very good tread life
  • The handling on wet and dry roads is good
  • The ride will be smooth without any road noise


  • These tires don’t work as well in heavy ice and snow.

6. Continental CrossContact LX20

Continental CrossContact provides an all-rounded performance with its list of exquisite features. This set of tires is designed for a quality experience in SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and pickups. These tires will give an excellent touring all-season performance that is sure to impress most vehicle drivers.

The material in the tread design uses special polymers and additives to improve tread life and traction. The separate tread blocks help to provide a stronger grip on dry surfaces. This also enhances the steering feel.

Continental CrossContact features four circumferential grooves that also help to improve the grip on the road. Thus, these tires are safe for a touring journey with the family.

The grooves on the tires are engineered to reduce the noise from airflow around them. This enhances the riding experience and improves the comfort level.

Continental offers a 70K miles warranty. This is also an attraction for potential buyers. If anything goes wrong, they know they can easily report to the company and request a replacement. However, based on customer reviews as well as our personal experience, these tires aren’t one to disappoint.

What you will like about them:

  • The 70,000-mileage guarantee is an attractive feature
  • Drivers appreciate the steering feel
  • It also offers a smooth and quiet ride as compared to other tires
  • The traction is excellent in dry, wet and snow-covered roads


  • The treads may wear out quickly

7. Firestone Destination LE 2

Firestone offers good traction on dry and wet roads.

The tires are engineered with advanced technology keeping in mind all the special features that quiet tires must-have. They offer increased traction because of the specially designed grooves pattern.

The shoulder blocks are sturdy and smoother than usual. This feature is especially useful when it comes to navigating around sharp bends. Many accidents happen due to the bends on the roads, so this feature adds to your safety as well. The grip of the tires on the road makes it safer as you turn a corner.

The tires perform exquisitely well and offer a great ride experience. However, they may not perform greatly on roads with heavy snow.

What you will like about them:

  • The cornering and traction on dry roads are exceptional
  • The wet braking system is also very safe
  • The tread life is very good
  • There is little noise and vibration while driving the vehicle


  • On heavy snow, the performance level falls.
  • Some drivers claim that tread life could have been better.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Tires?

Most drivers look for a comfortable experience when they are driving. No one wants to hear a constant noise when driving in the city or on the highway. The right tires can make the car ride smooth and more fun.

Eliminating the whizzing sound of air flowing by is not just an important factor for comfort, but it has several other benefits too. For example, the constant buzz from the tires can mask other sounds, which may represent issues with the performance, safety, and maintenance of the car.

Therefore, most drivers and vehicle owners are inclined to buy the best quiet tires in the market.

Often, people are clueless about the specifications they should look for when buying quiet tires. They overlook the noise aspect and realize it only after they have purchased the tires.

It is better to make an informed choice rather than wasting time on trial and error. This guide will help you in choosing the best tires for a comfortable and safe journey.

1. Type of Rubber

The rubber of the tire is in direct contact with the road underneath. So, the type of rubber makes a huge difference in the noise the tires produce.

Designers prefer hard rubber as it can keep the shape of the tire intact. However, with hard rubber tires, there is more impact when the car drives over rough areas on the road.

A soft rubber composition, on the other hand, doesn’t make a sound as it passes over rough bits of gravel. The gravel will crunch underneath the tire without any sound.

Therefore, when buying the best quiet tires, look for ones with a high-quality soft rubber composition.

2. Wheel size

A rule of thumb is that the smaller your tire is, the lesser the noise it will produce.

When a smaller wheel drives over a road, there is lesser rubber hitting the gravel and stones. So, the noise will also be lesser.

For example, just going from 18-inch tires to 15-inch ones, you can feel a great reduction in the hum of the tires.

Some people believe that larger tires look better and give the car a grandeur effect. However, noise shouldn’t be an opportunity cost for the visual appeal aspect.

3. Tire width

Similarly, the wheel width can affect the noise the tires create as they pass over stones and sticks on the road. When looking at the tire width, you will come across broad lines and narrow lines. The narrow tires have lesser contact with the road, so they make lesser crunching sounds.

You should choose the narrowest possible tires that are compatible with your car.

4. Tire channels

The circumferential grooves engraved on the surface of the wheel are the tire channels.

The tire channels allow a smooth airflow around the surface of the wheels.

 Often, if the grooves are placed in a particular pattern, the air can make a whizzing sound as it passes through them.

Quiet tires usually have straight grooves. This lets the air to flow around smoothly without creating the characteristic whining noise.

Therefore, look for tires with straight grooves when buying quiet tires.

5. Tread Blocks

If the tread blocks on the tire are packed together tightly, they won’t allow much airflow around the wheel. This will decrease the level of noise as the tires roll across the road.

If the tread blocks are shaped differently, the airflow around them will create noise at different frequencies that cancel out.

The best tread block patterns fit the blocks together in a small space. This gives the tire a safe grip on the road for traction. Otherwise, the tire will become smooth and that will compromise safety.

If the voids between the patterns are bigger, the traction will increase at the cost of comfort.

The spaces should be small to create minimal noise. However, if the spaces are too small, the tire would become smooth. Imagine how the car would slide across the road with smooth tires!

So, a compromise is necessary between tread block patterns and noise to ensure both safety and comfort.

6. Smooth Shoulders

The inner and outer rings that surround the wheel are known as the shoulders. For quiet tires, the shoulders should be sloped or semi-open. Otherwise, the air would whizz around the rings and create the whistle sound. So, you should have tires that are as smooth as possible within the safety limits.

7. Speed and weight specifications

Tires are designed for specific speed limits and weight criteria.

For example, tires that are designed for longer journeys at high speeds will be thicker to ensure safety.

However, this comes with an additional issue: noise. The thicker the tire is, the noisier it can get.

On the other hand, tires that are designed for lower speed limits are not as thick. Therefore, tires for lower speeds produce comparatively less noise.

The tire description will have the tire width, aspect ratio and, load index details. You can choose the speed and load index according to how you plan to use the vehicle.

A rule of thumb is that the higher the load and speed of the tire are, the harder the wheel will be. And likewise, the noise level for a harder tire will be higher.

8. Weather conditions

Tires that are designed for harsh weather conditions are usually thicker and produce more sound as compared to other tires.

So, winter tires produce more noise as they have more safety measures than summer tires.

When you are purchasing the tires for your vehicle, you must consider the usual weather conditions in the area you will be using the vehicle.

It is a good idea to purchase all-season tires as they can be used in both winter and summer. 

Which tires are the quietest?

Tire manufacturers focus on making the truck tires as quiet as possible. The manufacturing involves inculcating advanced technology to improve ride quality for both light trucks and cars.

The noise created due to the air whishing around the tread blocks can be very irritating. So, the material of the tire is created in a way to decrease the sound levels.

A lot of factors contribute to determining the noise level of the tires. Tires with a soft rubber composition and small size will perform more quietly that large tires with hard rubber composition. Take a look at our buyer’s guide above to learn about other factors.

The following tires are considered some of the quietest tires.

  • Bridgestone Dueler
  • Continental PureContact
  • General AltiMAX

What tires give the quietest ride?

Most car owners want to know which tires give the quietest ride. When you are driving comfortably, the constant whizz of the tires is annoying.

We will help you find the quietest tires that you can buy in a good budget for excellent ride quality. The materials used in the manufacturing of these tires improve tire resistance as well. As the road handling gets better, the tires will become safer.

According to customer reviews, the Michelin Defender is an excellent choice. These tires offer the best road handling with improved resistance. The best aspect of these tires is that they wear down very slowly. If you are looking for the quietest tires in the market, Michelin defender will be the perfect purchase for you.

How do I choose a quiet tire?

Choosing the best quiet tire is not an easy job. It requires experience and technical know-how about tires. If you have neither, don’t worry. We will list the most important features that you should look for.

  • The tread blocks design is created to reduce the noise level and also improve resistance and road handling.
  • The wheel size should be according to the specifications of your car or light truck. A bigger wheel can decrease fuel efficiency and produce more noise as well.
  • The shoulders of the tire should be smoother than traditional tires. This will help muffle the sounds.

What is the quietest off-road tire?

Based on our personal experience, Michelin LTX M/S2 All Terrain Tires prove to be an excellent choice.

Michelin offers advanced technology to decrease the noise level and increase fuel efficiency and resistance. They are suitable for all-terrain. Moreover, they are perfect for year-round use.

With these high-performing, quiet tires, you will have great driving experience.

If you want to look at some other options of the best tires in the market, we have listed some for you in the article.


No matter which vehicle you own, the best quiet tire will enhance your driving experience.

Quiet tires aim to make the ride comfortable for both the drivers and the passengers. No one would like to speak loudly to have a conversation over the constant buzz of tires.

The great tire brands offer quiet tires that also have a list of additional features to promote the safety and comfort of the riders. Such features also improve the life of the tires and increase their durability.

In order to buy the best quiet tires, you should choose a brand that offers quality, comfort, and safety.

We hope this article will provide you invaluable information for your next quiet tire purchase.