Ballistic Sound Deadening Vs. Dynamat: Which Works Better?

Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat is a topic that many vehicle owners talk about. The reason is that they are trying to find a material that can improve the sound quality of their vehicle. This leads us to the question – which is better between Ballistic Sound Deadening and Dynamat?

Dynamat works better than Ballistic as it has been in the market since 1989, allowing the manufacturers to develop the product better. It has an STC rating of 28. Meanwhile, Ballistic was only launched in 2011 and did not have a recorded STC rating online.

Ballistic Sound Deadening Vs. Dynamat

It is crucial to understand the individual characteristics of the two brands to find out which you actually need. Similarly, you need to understand the importance of sound deadening for your vehicle.

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Ballistic Sound Deadening Vs. Dynamat

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Ballistic Sound Deadening and Dynamat are both sound-deadening materials. Meaning they “deaden” unwanted noises to improve the sound quality of a space, especially vehicles. 

The term deadening pertains to the process of stopping metal from vibrating. This way, you will be able to prevent vibrations from making sound waves that can disturb the quiet of your vehicle. 

Ballistic Sound Deadening

Ballistic Sound Deadening is a material that consists of elastomeric butyl with a layer of aluminum vibration dampener. Since it is a self-adhesive sound deadener, it effortlessly fuses to hard surfaces and sheet metal.

The strong adhesive backing of this material can withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, its rubber-like texture allows it to absorb unwanted noises and reduce the number of sound waves that can enter your car. (source)


Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat both have butyl rubber as their primary material. 

Dynamat is a sound-deadening material that helps in keeping unwanted wind and road noise out of your vehicle. It also works by cutting down vibrations to further reduce the noises that can enter a room.

You can place it in different areas of your car, such as:

  • behind door panels
  • under the carpet
  • above the headliner

In addition, you can easily stretch and adjust Dynamat without any tearing. It also has an adhesive backing, making it relatively easy to install.

Ballistic Sound Deadening Vs. Dynamat

Both Ballistic Sound Deadening and Dynmat work well for improving the audio quality of your vehicle. However, many people opt for Dynamat as it has been in the market longer than Ballistic.

Dynamat was established in 1989, while Metra, the brand behind Ballistic Sound Deadening, launched the product in 2011. 

Dynamat’s long years in the industry allowed its manufacturers to develop the product further. As a result, Dynamat answers precisely the needs and requirements of its users. Additionally, it has a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 28.

On the other hand, Metra only reintroduced Ballistic Sound Deadening in 2011. It offers good noise suppression and excellent performance. But if you look online, you will not find any recorded STC rating.

So, Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat, it is safe to conclude that Dynamat works better. The reason is that it has a proven STC rating, which means that professionals have already tested it. However, that does not mean that Ballistic Sound Deadening will not be adequate for your soundproofing project. 

The Importance Of Sound Deadening On Vehicles

You are driving your car peacefully, and everything is going well. However, the tires suddenly start making noises, and the road noises keep on infiltrating your car. Such happens when you do not install sound deadeners in your vehicle. 

Sound deadening is a crucial part of vehicles. Even if your car came with sound deadening installed by its factory, you should still install a few additional layers for added efficacy.

There are a lot of soundproofing materials in the market today. For instance, Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat is two brands that people choose from. But regardless of the brand you want to use, the important thing is that your car has additional layers of soundproofing. 

Here are the reasons why sound deadening is essential:

Sound deadeners reduce road noise

Road noise quickly infiltrates your car by penetrating the cabin and the car’s floor. When there is too much road noise, drivers can experience fatigue since their minds need to deal with multiple things. 

In addition, passengers need to talk louder to hear each other when there are background noises. But when you install sound deadeners, the unwanted noises that infiltrate your vehicle will reduce significantly. As a result, you will not have to endure a noisy environment, allowing you to drive peacefully. 

Lessens rattles and resonance

A car’s panel vibrates as it resonates. Such can cause the adjacent panels to bump and scratch against each other, which causes them to rattle. These rattles can be annoying, ultimately distracting your music experience.

Additionally, the rattling of panels can kill your imaging, sound stage and cause undersized localization. 

Using a car sound deadener is an effective way of eliminating resonance and rattles. Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat, many people recommend the latter as they proved it to be effective in reducing vibrations from cars.

Acoustically treated vehicles are more solid than non-soundproof cars

If you want a more solid and high-end feel for your vehicle, the easiest way to achieve that is by installing sound deadeners. This way, the surfaces of your car will feel quieter and tighter.

However, it is essential to note that acoustically treated cars are heavier than non-soundproof vehicles. For this reason, it will use more fuel than usual. Despite that, soundproofing your car is a bang for your buck. 

Better sound environment

The least soundproof part of your car is the doors. The reason is that they have gaps around them, allowing sound waves to pass through. For this reason, you need to install sound-deadening materials on your car doors for less noise infiltration. 

To soundproof car doors, vehicles owners often choose between Ballistic Sound Deadening vs. Dynamat.


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