Does Sound Deadening Increase Bass?

Does sound deadening increase bass? If you have a car and want to enjoy good music while driving, you need the best sound quality possible. But is that something sound deadening can provide?

Sound deadening increases bass. The reason is that sound deadeners seal any gaps on doors, windows, and other places where sound waves can pass through. This way, you will hear more bass without having to adjust the settings of your audio system.

Does Sound Deadening Increase Bass

There is no denying that sound-deadening materials can improve bass. But apart from that, there are also other benefits that you can get from this acoustic solution. 

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Does Sound Deadening Increase Bass?

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Automobile manufacturers install small sheets of butyl-based or dense asphalt materials to the car’s floor, firewall, and door panels.

These damping materials increase the panel’s mass. As a result, it becomes more difficult for sound and vibration to move the panel and transmit sound waves within the vehicle. 

However, vehicle manufacturers cannot go overboard with adding sound deadeners as it increases the car’s weight. For this reason, they cannot maximize the performance of the car’s speakers. Fortunately, you can add sound deadening to your vehicle. 

Sound deadeners work by sealing gaps and small passages where sound waves can pass through. It also decreases the vibration, which results in lesser noises reverberating in your entire car.

So, does sound deadening increase bass? The simple answer is yes. But how do these materials affect the audio created by your vehicle’s sound system? 

Audio quality is something that many people look for in vehicles. Such is the reason why people opt to install sound deadeners in their car doors and panel. 

Sound-deadening materials improve sound pressure level (SPL) score and reduce the vibrations and road noises that can infiltrate your vehicle. For this reason, installing sound deadeners will enhance the bass performance of your audio system.

How To Install Sound Deadeners For Better Bass

No one can deny the negative impact of road noise on your car’s audio system. It smothers sound details, forcing you to abuse your speakers by increasing their volume. 

The good news is that installing sound deaders can do two main things for you and your car:

  • reduce road noise
  • increase the audio system’s base

Does sound deadening increase bass? Yes. So, if you want to have better bass for your car audio, below is a guide for installing sound deadeners in your vehicle:

Step 1

Remove the car’s upholstery to expose the bare sheet metal. Make sure that there will be no debris, waxy oils, or rust on the sheet. In addition, you need to wipe the surface with denatured alcohol to make sure that it is clean. 

Step 2

Cut your chosen sound-deadening material to the size that fits the surface where you will install it. Make sure to use a sharp knife for the process to ensure a smooth cut. 

For smaller surface areas, you need to measure the dimensions and cut the sound deadener to fit. 

Step 3

Remove the paper liner at the back of the sound deadener and install it on the car’s surface. Use a hand roller to make sure that no air pockets will be present. The hand roller will also provide a proper bond. 

Once you have sound deadened your car and turned on your audio, you will see why many car owners opt to install sound-deadening materials. That said, you will get your answer to “does sound deadening increase bass.”

Sound Deadening Your Car: The Benefits

Some people do not consider sound deadening their cars back then. But because of the benefits of this acoustic solution, sound deadening is becoming more and more popular than before. For one, it allows you to comfortably drive while enjoying the increased bass of your car audio. 

So, now that you already have the answer to “does sound deadening increase bass,” take a look at the other benefits that this acoustic solution provides:

1. Reduces road noise

Cars can produce different types of noises, which you have to deal with while driving. These noises can take your attention off the road, which is rather dangerous, especially if other vehicles are around you. 

Also, driving in a loud and noisy environment can make you feel exhausted as your mind needs to deal with various things simultaneously. 

When you are sound deadening your car, you add mass to the areas where noise can easily pass through. That way, fewer noises coming from other vehicles on the road will infiltrate your car. 

Since sound deadening makes your car quieter, you will be able to focus on driving. The reason is that you will only hear a few distractions caused by road noises. 

2. Allows you to drive comfortably

A long day at work can make you feel tired. So, the last thing you need is to drive back home in an unbearable environment. A loud environment will drain your mental resources, making it more difficult for you to drive back to your home. 

That said, you can install sound deadeners to make your car’s interior quiet. Sound deadening materials allow you to reduce unwanted noises within the vehicle. As a result, you will be able to drive more smoothly and comfortably.

3. Improves the SPL of your car audio system

A quiet car means better audio quality. The reason is that there will be less background noise infiltrating your vehicle. As a result, you will be able to hear your car’s audio system better, with its SPL and bass improved. 

So, does sound deadening increase bass? Definitely.

4. Reduces the noises coming from loud tires and exhaust

Having fancy tires and robust exhaust systems on your car can be significant. You will get tremendous power while experiencing an exhilarating driving experience. However, the same excellence in your vehicle can also cause loud noises. 

Such is the reason why some people opt to no longer install fancy exhaust and tires. But with sound deadeners, you will be able to have powerful tires and exhaust without having to deal with noises.


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