8 Best Soundproof Door Kits

While soundproofing a room is a fun and worthwhile project, soundproofing a door can be a challenge. That’s because doors have gaps and cracks that easily leak sound. Luckily you can buy soundproof door kits to make the job easier.

The best soundproof door kit is the QiFlye Soundproof Door Kit (available on Amazon). What sets this kit apart is that it contains everything you need to soundproof a door effectively at a very reasonable price.

best soundproof Door Kits

I’ll cover this list in more detail below.

The best soundproof door kits

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There’s a variety of options on this list, and some require a bit more DIY than others. Here is the list. All links point to the corresponding Amazon listing.

1. Audimute Soundproofing Door Seal Kit

This kit is a great place to start because it has all the components you need to soundproof a door. Each pack comes with 50 feet of door seal and 25 feet of door sweep.

In total, this kit should soundproof around 3 standard sized doors, which makes it a pretty good value for money. It’s designed to minimize the gap between the door and frame, which is exactly what we need.

What’s more, it’s self-adhesive and so is really easy to apply. This also means it’s non-invasive and so is suitable for rental houses too. You simply need to peel the backing off and stick it into the door frame.

Both products in this kit are made from dense foam that helps to create an airtight seal around the door. Overall, this is a well-performing kit that’d be great for quick and easy application.

2. Suptikes Door Sweep

If you think you’re going to need a slightly larger door sweep, then this is the one for you. While it’s designed to stop draughts, its double-layered construction makes it pretty good at blocking sound too.

The sweep is around 5 inches tall and can cover gaps larger than 1 inch. It can be used on any type of door, including sliding doors and wooden internal doors. Having such a versatile product is obviously very useful.

Its original width is 37 inches, but it can be cut to size to fit your door. It has a self-adhesive backing, which makes it incredibly easy to apply. However, just be aware that the adhesive is fairly strong so it might damage paint when removed.

The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t come with something to seal the other gaps around a door. You can get around this by buying some weatherstripping, so it’s not a massive issue.

3. Magzo Window Sealing Tape

This product can be combined with the door sweep above to make a pretty effective door soundproofing kit. The pack comes with 2 rolls of sealing tape, and you can buy it in a variety of lengths and widths.

The tape is made from high-density neoprene, which does a good job of acoustic insulation. What’s more, it doesn’t interfere with the door’s movement because the neoprene has some give in it. This actually helps it to create a more airtight seal.

It comes with a self-adhesive backing that makes it super easy to install. All you need to do is peel off the tape and apply it to the door frame; it’s that easy! Also, it’s not as sticky as some other brands and so can be removed easily.

Even better, neoprene has brilliant shock-absorbing properties, which means it can help to protect against damage from the door being slammed. Also, it’s non-toxic so is fine to use around pets and children.

4. QiFlye Soundproof Door Kit

Soundproof Weather Stripping Door Draft Stopper Kit

While many door soundproofing kits are made from foam, this one is made from silicon. This is still a good material for soundproofing and is generally more durable than foam.

This kit comes with both weatherstripping and a door sweep, so has everything you need to soundproof your door. Both products are made from silicon and are non-toxic.

The roll of stripping is nearly 20ft long and the door sweep is 39 inches, so you should have enough to do more than one door. Their self-adhesive backing makes them super easy to install, but you might need to use a hairdryer to warm them slightly before application.

I’d particularly recommend this product for use in something like a recording studio because it also helps to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the room. However, these are obviously important points for other rooms in a house too.

5. Dehomy Weatherstrip for Doors

This weatherstrip uses a flexible brush design rather than silicone or foam. This means it can be used on a wider range of doors because it can fit in much smaller spaces.

It still does a good job of soundproofing though. The brush is fairly dense and will compress to fit into the gap between the door and frame. It also has good thermal insulation properties too.

While it’s designed for external use (such as on patio doors), this actually makes it good for internal use. It means that it’s harder wearing and designed to work against louder noises.

The self-adhesive backing makes it really easy to apply, but it might damage the door when removed because it’s a very strong adhesive. However, it can be prone to more damage than silicon weatherstripping because the fibers can come out easily.

6. Holikme Door Sweep

You get 2 door sweeps in this pack, and applying one to each side of the door does a good job at blocking noise. These door sweeps can be used on gaps up to an inch at the bottom of the door.

Their double thickness design means they do a good job of blocking noise, particularly when both are used on the same door. Obviously they’re also great at blocking drafts and dust too.

Each door sweep is 39 inches long but can easily be cut to size before application. It takes about 2 minutes or so to apply them, but you can use the door for 24 hours while the adhesive dries.

These door sweeps are made from silicon so are both flexible and durable. Also, they’re non-toxic and so are safe for use around kids and pets. Finally, they come in a range of colors so you should be able to find one that matches your door.

7. Second Skin Mass Loaded Vinyl

Soundproofing a door doesn’t necessarily just have to involve blocking the gaps. Adding mass to the door will mean less noise can pass through it, and there are few better products for this job than mass loaded vinyl (MLV).

Each sheet is around 9 square feet and weighs 9lbs, making it ideal for this job. You can either apply the product directly to the door with some nails or glue or turn it into a curtain.

Bear in mind that this’ll be a slightly more invasive solution as you might need to put some screws in the wall, but it’ll make a considerable difference to noise pollution.

I’d particularly recommend this option for rooms such as recording studios or home theaters, especially if they’re not used for this purpose all the time. Also, consider combining it with some weatherstripping for maximum effectiveness.

8. Burton High Density Soundproofing Panels

Much like the MLV option above, this solution is designed to combat issues related to hollow doors. Some people find acoustic foam easier to work with, and so this would be the product for them.

These acoustic panels are quite dense and so will do a great job of reducing noise transfer. You could easily fix them to your door with screws, or you could build a frame to put in front of the door, sort of like a solid curtain.

Unlike other acoustic foam, this product doesn’t have any nasty chemicals, so they’re non-toxic and have no odor. While this is helpful for use around pets, it also means that the installation process isn’t intolerable too.

To make things even easier, each panel comes with its own adhesive tape on each side. You simply peel this off and fix it in place. However, this will only work effectively when attaching the panels to each other.

What buying factors to consider

Deciding on the best door kit for your needs really isn’t that difficult. That said, you should still consider a few things when making your decision.

Ease of use

Many door kits will contain something called weatherstripping, which you attach to the inside of the door frame. This product is usually self-adhesive, which makes it a really easy job.

The most taxing job you’ll probably have to do is screw a sweep to the bottom of the door, and this doesn’t take much effort.

However, if you want an easy and non-invasive solution (if you live in a rented property, for example), then look for self-adhesive products that can be easily removed when necessary.


As mentioned, many of the products used to soundproof a door are designed for heat insulation or draft exclusion. However, these often use materials that are ideal for soundproofing.

Ideally you want to look out for dense materials that’ll block sound from escaping. Generally, thicker products help with this, but this’ll be dependent on how much space there is around your door.

I chose the products on this list for their high performance, so it’s not something you’ll really have to worry about. However, if you look elsewhere then just consider the material’s density and thickness.


Cost won’t really be a major factor in buying a door soundproofing kit because they’re generally not that expensive. However, don’t think that by paying more you’re necessarily getting a better product.

A good door soundproofing kit can be made from quality materials and still be a low price. Pay attention to products that are vastly more expensive than their competitors because there’s generally not a good reason for this.

How to soundproof a door

how to soundproof a door

Read my full guide on soundproofing doors.

Most internal doors in a building will be hollow. While this has its benefits in terms of cost and convenience, it means they’re really not great at blocking sound.

However, there’s not much we can do about this issue (other than replacing it with a solid door), so instead, it’s worth focusing on what we can control.

For a standard internal door, this is the gap surrounding it. Even the best-fitted door will have some space around it, particularly at the bottom. This is because doors are fitted with consideration for things like flooring.

Noise transfer works much like heat transfer: it can happen through the smallest gaps, particularly if there’s an air flow. As a result, many door soundproofing kits use thermal insulation materials.

Considering replacing a whole door can be a difficult job, door soundproofing kits offer a much more convenient option. In fact, many don’t require any tools at all.

Just bear in mind, however, that it’s generally quite difficult to completely soundproof a door. Because of its purpose, it’s never going to be truly airtight.

If you want a completely soundproof door from the beginning of your project, then your best option might be to invest in a soundproof door.

However, these can be fairly pricey, and a door soundproofing kit will still deliver a noticeable reduction in the amount of noise that escapes through the door frame.

Some final thoughts

Choosing the right soundproof door kit is more a matter of preference than anything else. Hopefully, this list has given you some good options, or at least enough information to buy elsewhere.

Either way, I’d recommend a combination of weatherstripping and door cover for best results.

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