Do Triple Glazed Windows Reduce Noise? Let’s Find Out

If you think your windows leak unwanted sound, then it is time to replace them with triple-glazed ones. However, can triple glazed windows reduce noise that infiltrates your home?

Triple-glazed windows offer top-notch acoustic properties and promising noise reduction capabilities. Since they have three panels of glass held by a pane, triple-glazed windows can reduce noise. That said, such is highly efficient for home soundproofing. 

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Do triple glazed windows reduce noise

Triple glazing is beneficial for people who are looking to replace their windows with soundproof ones. If you live in the busy and congested areas of your city, this window type is a perfect soundproofing solution. 

What are the Components of a Triple-Glazed Window?

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You are probably wondering what glazing means when it comes to windows. So, let us first define what it technically means.

Glazing is the term used for the transparent material used in windows. The most common example of this is glass. 

A triple-glazed window generally has three layers of glass. These layers are separated using a space bar. As mentioned, each gap between the panels has argon gas, making it excellent for insulating heat and soundwaves.

Some triple-glazed windows also contain a fine Low-E or low emissivity metallic coating. For this reason, it can limit the heat from the sun from getting into your home during summer. The same coating also allows the window to reflect the heat when winter comes. 

There is no denying that noise pollution is an issue that needs fast action. Such is especially true if the area where your home is has high levels of traffic. For this reason, it is essential to resolve this issue by soundproofing your home.

Triple-glazed windows can reduce more unwanted noise in comparison to other window types. The reason is that such windows have three individual sheets of glass with a space bar separation between them. The gaps between the glasses have argon gas inside them. When air-tight and filled with gas, the chambers create an excellent barrier for insulation. 

In addition, the argon gas added to the chambers is heavier than air. For this reason, it works as an excellent blocker for both noise and heat.

Windows are triple-glazed using either of these three methods:

  • Through the use of a traditional spacer placed between each glazing gap
  • Triple-glazed windows that have a suspended attached film. This film is heated during production, making it shrink and tighten until clear.
  • Some triple-glazed windows have glass in the center. This glass has an interior U-type channel that works as a seal between the inboard lite and outboard lite.

Moreover, regular windows cannot block noises. Since they only have one glass panel, they do not have any air barriers between the external environment of your home and the glass. It means that all the noise will vibrate and travel through the glass, making your interior disturbing.

Additionally, the Sound Transmission Class or STC rating of single-paned windows only ranges between 26 and 28. Such is only half of the STC rating of soundproof windows.

On the other hand, all triple-glazed windows have 95 percent argon glass fill. In addition to that, the extra layer of glass added to this window works by significantly reducing the transmission of external noises. 

Additionally, triple glazing improves your home’s energy efficiency. The reason is that the type of gas used to fill the chambers reduce thermal bridging. The various coatings on the glass also reduce the loss of energy from inside your home.

More than that, the frames also work to improve the window’s overall performance and insulation since its airtightness blocks the warm air from escaping your home. 

How Do Triple-Glazed Windows Work?

Triple glazing plays a significant role in soundproofing. Since this window type has three layers of glass, they provide more mass. This additional mass serves as a noise blocker, making your home a lot quieter.

For you to reduce noise pollution, triple-glazed windows should have a high STC rating. To achieve this, window manufacturers should add mass and air space to the windows. To add mass, they need to make the glass thicker.

Meanwhile, the windows must have several layers to give them some air space. The combination of these two steps will make the triple-glazed window good for soundproofing. To make it even better, manufacturers add laminated glass or a pair of glasses with plastic in the middle. 

Moreover, triple-glazing a window will give it the ability to block various sound frequencies depending on its thickness. Such windows can reduce the noise that comes from the outside by using different layers of glass.

The thickness of the glasses can also control the sound’s decibel precisely. RW ratings represent a window’s glazing. It tells you how much noise the window can block. Since triple-glazed windows have three layers of glass, they can cut down the noise pollution that infiltrates your home better than other types of windows.

However, it is essential to note that they should be installed and adequately fitted before you can experience their soundproofing benefits. 

In addition, the structure of this window type makes them capable of covering a wide range of sound frequencies. As a result, they become perfect for reducing the external noises that infiltrate your home. 

The Benefits of Triple-Glazed Windows

It is an obvious thing that triple-glazing is beneficial. Not only can this process make a window good for soundproofing, but it also makes it an energy-efficient solution. 

Here are more of the critical benefits that triple-glazed windows can provide:

1. Triple-glazed windows are great for noise reduction

As mentioned, triple-glazed windows have noise reduction capabilities. Since they have three layers of thick glasses, they serve as an excellent blocker for noise pollution. Additionally, the argon gas filled between the spaces of the windows also works excellently for noise insulation.

2. They offer better insulation value

Triple-glazed windows have a better ability to reduce condensation. Because of the glass’s dew point or the temperature of a particular humidity at which the water vapor in the air condenses on the surfaces. There will be condensation in the glass of your triple-glazed window when the temperature of the interior glass layer is below the dew point. 

Moreover, the dew point relies on the relative humidity and temperature. It means that the better the insulation value of your triple-glazed window, the higher the temperature of the interior glass layer would be. As a result, there will be a lesser chance for the vapor to frost or condense on the glass. 

3. The three layers of glass in this window provide comfort

This window type can eliminate cold spots. Additionally, its internal condensation capabilities can maximize the window’s thermal efficiency. As a result, your home’s interior remains two degrees warmer than the weather outside.

It is beneficial for people who live in countries that have extreme weather. The thermal efficiency of triple-glazed windows also makes them a standard in homes in countries with a cold climate like Scandinavia and the UK.

4. Triple-glazed windows mean better security

Most thieves break into homes from the windows. Single-paned windows make breaking in a lot easier. On the other hand, the sealed glass layer of triple glazed windows makes them relatively harder to break. Apart from that, you can only remove the glass of these windows from the inside.

Triple-glazed windows are premium quality, solid units that provide homes with better security. 

5. They offer a low U-factor

Triple-glazed windows are better in terms of energy efficiency. It is because they have a lower U-factor than any other type of window. The lower the U-factor is, the more energy-efficient your window will be.

Moreover, a window with only a single pane of glass has a U-factor that is more than 5, while double-paned ones only have 1.6. On the other hand, triple-glazed windows have a U-factor that is lower than 0.8.

If Triple-Glazed Windows Are Great, Are there any Disadvantages?

True enough, triple-glazed windows are excellent for homes. They can provide the benefits that other types of windows do not have. But just like any other building material, such a window also has its own set of disadvantages.

1. Triple-glazed windows are relatively heavier than other window types

A single glass itself already carries significant weight. With the three of them combined by a metal frame, the window sometimes becomes an issue for weaker sash materials.

In addition, if an existing home’s wall or any other building where you plan to install triple-glazed windows have little to no insulation, they are not an ideal window type to use. 

2. Purchasing and installing them is more expensive compared to single-paned windows

Triple-glazed windows are more expensive than any other window type. It costs approximately 25 to 30 percent higher compared to double-paned windows. If you are living in countries with cold climates, the installation cost is worth the investment.

However, if you are in less noisy areas with warmer climates, spending on triple-glazed windows may not be ideal. 

But regardless of these disadvantages, it is still worth noting that triple-glazed windows are beneficial when it comes to soundproofing and insulation.

Why Should I Install Triple-Glazed Windows?

In estimation, 40 percent of the energy consumption in the United States finds use for cooling and heating establishments like buildings and homes. Meanwhile, approximately 75 percent of the energy is electricity (gas and other fossil fuels make the remainder). 

Apart from being an area of transmission for noise, windows are also the top contributors to energy loss. They are responsible for 12 percent of an establishment’s average total use of energy. 

But due to the continuous development of building materials, windows with only a single layer of glass are already long forgotten. Nowadays, the most popular type of windows for homes and other establishments are triple-glazed windows. 

Triple-glazed windows have low emissivity coatings to minimize the amount of UV and infrared light that can pass through them. As a result, they prevent the loss of heat inside your home. They also have more improved U-factor, making them better at stopping the flow of heat. 

In addition, triple-paned windows also have warm-edge spacers, making them ideal for preventing week spots in insulation. 

Triple Glazed Windows Reduce Noise – Here’s How To Choose

If you have to withstand the annoying external noise, then you should know that your windows are not doing the job of soundproofing your home. In addition, if it allows chilly or hot air from passing through, then your windows are also the problem. In this case, you need to replace your windows with triple-glazed ones. 

With noise pollution and energy efficiency becoming two of the major concerns of homeowners these days, triple-glazed windows are an excellent solution. However, to ensure that you are getting all the benefits of triple-glazed windows, you need to consider the factors you need to look for before purchasing them.

To get an excellent triple-glazed window, you need to identify if:

  • Their panels have argon gas
  • The material of the center panel is high-quality
  • Its glass has low emissivity
  • Has a deep frame
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty
  • They have a space bar in between each layer of glass

Debunking the Myths About Triple-Glazed Windows

Moreover, there are several myths associated with this type of window. It makes homeowners think twice if they should get triple-glazed windows and do nothing but suffer from being disturbed by external noises. For this reason, let us debunk the myths surrounding triple-glazed windows for you to know that they are worth purchasing. 

Many people think that the combination of three glass layers and other coating film makes triple-glazed windows unappealing. However, that is not the case. The reason is that the layers of glass are not responsible for making the windows look thicker.

Instead, it is their frames that make them either bulky or sleek. Fortunately, the continuous advancement of technology now allows you to purchase uPVC windows. This way, you will be able to replicate timber of wooden windows for a sleeker look.

Meanwhile, other homeowners think that triple-glazed windows are prone to cracking, creaking, as well as warming. The technology today made them more advanced, reinforcing them with galvanized steel. It allows the window to retain its structure and shape regardless if you are living in a warm or cold country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I soundproof my windows?

Your windows serve as a hole where noise passes. If you want your regular window to become soundproof, you need to replace them with triple-glazed ones.

Since triple-glazed windows have more mass, they perform better when it comes to reducing noise pollution. Apart from that, they are also energy efficient.

What can I add to my triple-glazed windows to make them more soundproof?

A triple-glazed window is already enough to block the noise from the outside from infiltrating your home and disturbing you. But if you think that you need more sound insulation, then you can use a soundproofing curtain.

Thicker and heavier materials comprise their manufacture. For this reason, they work well in absorbing soundwaves and preventing them from bouncing through your walls. 

Alternatively, you can use a soundproofing sponge to fill in the gaps between your window and your window frame.

Is triple glazing more expensive than double-paned windows?

Yes. Triple-glazed windows are 25 to 40 percent more expensive in comparison to other types of windows. In addition, the cost of labor for installation will also become more expensive. However, considering all the benefits that this type of window can offer, the extra purchase and installation cost is undoubtedly a worthy investment. (1)

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

Double-paned windows only have two layers of glass that block noises. While it can do the job of soundproofing your home, triple glazing is still better. Since triple-glazed windows have more mass, they have a better capacity to stop the transmission of soundwaves, echoes, and vibrations.

Can I replace my regular windows with triple-glazed ones?

It is possible. However, it is essential to note that triple-glazed windows are heavier than single or double-paned ones. For this reason, you should first consider how sturdy the walls where you will install the windows are. They will support their weight, so they need to be strong enough to carry the weight.

Triple-Glazed Windows: Are They Worth Having?

After discussing everything, no one can deny that triple-glazed windows are worth having. They do not only offer soundproofing, but they also provide energy efficiency and added comfort. So, if you plan to replace your regular windows, you should go for triple-glazed ones. 


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