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Soundproofing Window Inserts: Fact or fiction?

Are you tired of all that loud external noise slipping in from the window, disturbing the sanctity of your home? Then installing a soundproof window insert is your way out. But do soundproof window inserts effectively block outside noise?

Do Soundproofing Window Inserts Work

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Do Soundproofing Window Inserts Work?

Soundproofing window inserts work. A soundproof window insert minimizes noise by closing all gaps in the window that allow noise to enter. You can install window inserts at home, your workplace, at school, and pretty much anywhere.

Here’s all you need to know about soundproofing inserts, including how to install them, some benefits and drawbacks of using them, and other helpful information. Read on to learn how to soundproof your windows with inserts!

How To Install Soundproofing Window Inserts

Soundproof window inserts are an effective way to lessen noise. The good news is that the installation is straightforward and you won’t need any technical skills or special equipment to install them.

Here’s a guide on how to install your soundproof window insert:

1. Identify the installation location

You’ll find the location of the window insert you want to install on the receipt. When there are many inserts, it specifies which one goes where so you don’t incorrectly place the inserts.

2. Test running

Place the insert on the base of the window and mount it to check if it fits appropriately. Press in all edges, starting with the bottom, then the sides, all the way up to the top. There should be no spaces anywhere. If it fits correctly, remove it.

3. Check for brackets

Window inserts come with brackets for windows above 7 inches (17.78 cm). If your window insert has brackets, drill them in. Measure and mark the inches as indicated in your receipt and drill a hole through the marked spot. Screw in the brackets on both sides of the window frame. Window inserts come with a small screw in the hardware package.

4. Pull off the film

Rest the insert on the wall with the back facing you. Gently begin to pull off the outer film, starting from the top. Place your hand in the middle of the insert. Use the other hand to gently pull the film from the top in an angular motion. Pull one edge at the top and the other top edge too.  Gradually pull using the hand on the insert to control the pull. Pull out the remaining film from the middle.

5. Clean the insert

The insert package comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Use it to clean the insert after removing the film.

6. Clean the window seal

Dirt easily accumulates on the window seal. Therefore, clean the window seal with a separate cloth before mounting the insert.

7. Mount the insert

Now, install the insert. Place the insert on the window seal, and begin pressing it in from the bottom edges. Be careful not to push it in, so it doesn’t lose alignment. When the bottom is well set, gently tuck the sides and the top onto the window frame.

8. Fix in safety chains

If your window is above 7 inches (17.78 cm), it likely has a safety chain and brackets. After fixing the bottom of the insert to the window frame, hook the safety chains to the installed bracket before closing it up.

9. Check for adjustments

Check all sides of the insert for any adjustments. If there are any that need adjusting, gently pull the sides until they’re properly adjusted. 

10. Pull off the last film

Pull off the last film when the insert is well seated on the window frame. Use the same method you used in pulling off the first film (Check step four for more details).

Clean again. Using a cloth and water, wipe the insert to remove any dirt.

Soundproof Window Inserts Come With Many Benefits

No one likes noise because it dampens concentration and causes stress. There are various benefits, therefore, of installing a soundproof window insert.

These benefits are:

  • Budget-friendly. Installing a soundproof window insert is pocket-friendly. It won’t cost much to install compared to other soundproof options like changing the window. Check out our article on DIY room soundproofing for more cheap options to soundproof your home. 
  • Cuts energy bill. Installed window inserts help the room’s temperature remain constant. If the air conditioner or heat is on, a soundproof window insert will prevent the air conditioned air from leaving the room.
  • Easy installation. Insert windows are DIY installations. You don’t need any particular skills or the help of an expert to install them.
  • Cut to fit. Insert windows are laser-cut to fit your window frame. Simply measure your window (s), and you can get a customized insert.
  • It controls UV light. Window inserts can be customized to reduce the sun’s intensity. 
  • Lessens noise. Window inserts reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside and stop the inside noise from going out.
  • Safety chains. Window inserts come with safety chains and brackets for high windows. It’s a safety measure for the insert.
  • Easy to remove. You can remove and clean the inserts easily since they are Installed from the inside and not outside the window.
  • Blends in well. Window inserts do not compromise your window’s shape, outlook, or overall structure. Inserts blend in so well that you won’t even notice them.

Soundproof Window Inserts Presents Some Drawbacks

Soundproof window inserts can block up to 70% of noise from outside. However, it still has certain limitations. Such as:

  • Window inserts cannot entirely block sound.
  • For those who live by the lakeside or in tropical areas, you may not get to enjoy the fresh air that may come in from your window.
  • The window loses its functionality due to the insert covering it.

How Do I Remove A Soundproof Window Insert?

Removing a soundproof window insert is as easy as installing one with or without brackets. 

Here’s how to remove a soundproof window insert:

  1. Gently pull out the sides of the bottom edges first. 
  2. Work your way up the sides. 
  3. If safety chains hold your insert, unhook the chain on both sides.
  4. Continue pulling till you get to the top. 
  5. Pull the edges till the whole piece comes out. 


You should be able to enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of your own home. However, you can’t stop neighbors or the busy intersection outside your home from being loud. To reduce external noise in your home, you can install soundproof window inserts.