How To Silence Velcro

Velcro or hook-and-loop fasteners have been around for as long as we can remember. This material consists of two fabrics that adhere to each other to bound things temporarily. However, one thing about Velcro strips is that they produce loud ripping noise no matter how fast or low you unfasten them.

To silence your Velcro, you can use a lighter to shorten the hook side of the strip, so it will not make a lot of noise. You can also section Velcro pieces with fabric. Finally, the easiest option is to use your thumb and index finger to open it. 

how to silence velcro

You cannot prevent Velcro strips from making noises. Fortunately, there are now new Velcro strips that silently work when you are disengaging them.

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How to Silence Velcro Effectively

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Velcro strips are an advantageous invention. They allow you to temporarily bound the opening of things, such as your bags and clothes. However, disengaging Velcro strips produce noise, which can be a little annoying, especially if you are opening it in a tranquil place.

That said, here are three methods that you can try doing to open Velcro quietly:

1. Shorten The Hook Side Using A Lighter

Fiddling with your Velcro for a couple of minutes will not help you open it quietly. For this reason, you should consider modifying the strips permanently using a lighter.

You need to do this method to shorten the hook part of the Velcro strips to prevent it from making a lot of noise.

To do this method, get a lighter and open your Velcro completely. Fold the part where the loops are under the strip if you can. This way, you will not be able to burn the loops accidentally, which will prevent the strips from fastening again.

Hold the lighter about an inch away from the hook side. Slowly, begin putting the flame in contact with the hooks. It is important to note that holding the flame over the hook for too long will burn its tiniest bits off.

In addition, you need to be careful not to burn yourself during the process.

However, the downside of this process is that the Velcro will hold on to lint and dust more than before. 

2. Section Off Each Velcro Piece

Sectioning off the Velcro strips using any fabric is another permanent solution to reduce its noise. For this method, you will need:

  • A piece of fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue

To begin, measure your strip and mark the sections that you want to cover.

Next, get a piece of fabric and cut it up into pieces. If you can, use a cloth that will not stick to the Velcro. You will have to sew the fabric to the Velcro parts that you sectioned.

However, it is understandable that not everyone is handy with a needle and thread. So, you can try to glue the fabrics together as an alternative. This method will allow you to reduce some of Velcro’s sticky surfaces, making the disengagement quieter.

3. Use Your Index Finger And Thumb When Opening The Velcro

If you do not want a permanent modification, this method is an excellent alternative. But it is worth noting that it would take some time and pressure for you to master.

Luckily, this method will not require you to sew fabrics or burn the Velcro. Instead, you will only need to use your thumb and index finger.

Use your left hand to hold the Velcro, using your thumb and index finger to hold the bottom and top parts. You must be firmly gripping the Velcro strips, preventing them from moving around.

Next, put your right thumbnail into the opening of the Velcro. Slowly, push the strip open while holding the other part of the Velcro firmly with your left thumb and index.

Moreover, do not try to rush this process to ensure that the Velcro will not make an unwanted sound. The method will take time and focus.

Once you mastered this method, you will open the Velcro strip silently within a couple of minutes. The longer the Velcro, the more time it will take to open it. 

Is There A Silent Velcro?

People have wished for manufacturers to produce quiet Velcro for a long time of using noisy Velcro strips. Now, their wish became true.

The brand Velcro released new unidirectional Velcro strips called Quiet Closure. This way, you can now open your Velcro-sealed bag easily in places where silence is essential.

Moreover, Velcro is the trademark for these hook-and-loop fasteners. The original version has been around since 1941. Still, variations happened as the years pass by to ensure that the system holds the hooks securely.

But since the beginning, Velcro always had a rigid plastic, which causes damage to the hook part and the noise during disengagement.

Fortunately, the Velcro brand focused on innovating Velcro strips, making it quieter than its predecessor. Quiet Closure utilizes a unidirectional loop design, allowing it to disengage with the plastic part quietly.

Can Velcro Become Sticky Again?

Over time, Velcro loses its stickiness, mainly when dust and lint clog it. Usually, you only need to clean the lint, dirt, and grime from the Velcro strips to make it sticky again.

However, if the Velcro is already old and worn out, the only option is to replace it.

But there are several preventive measures to ensure that your Velcro will not lose its stickiness quickly.

  • Clean the Velcro by pulling out lint and brushing out dust caught in it.
  • Keep the Velcro strips closed when not needed, so they will not catch debris.
  • Pull the lint and debris using tweezers if your fingers cannot reach them.
  • Close the Velcro strips on your bags, clothes, and other garments before washing them. This way, the Velcro will not catch hair, lint, and any debris floating in your washing machine. 


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