8 Best Quiet Bike Rollers in the Market

If you love cycling but don’t always have the option of going for long-distance bike rides, or would like to train in the comfort of your home, then a bike roller might be for you.

However, the major drawback is that most bike rollers are really noisy. Luckily this is something manufacturers have started thinking about, so there is a growing market for quiet bike rollers.

quiet bike rollers

I’ll go over the best ones available, but first I’ll take a look at what buying factors you should consider before making a purchase.

What to think about when buying a bike roller

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There are plenty of factors to consider when buying a bike trainer, but the most obvious is the budget. The amount you pay for a bike roller will be dependent on the type and quality of the machine, so do some research before deciding on a price.


It’s important to consider the quality of materials used to build the bike roller, as many aren’t designed to be quiet, but are as a result of the superior quality materials used in production.

Within this, it’s worth thinking about how much the machine weighs, as much of the noise comes from the machine rattling around while you cycle. A heavier bike roller, therefore, will generally make less noise than a lighter one.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a quiet bike roller is the design, specifically how it attaches to the bike, and how stable the machine is. A good quality bike roller should have a wide base to improve stability.

The attachments should be secure and have a very little movement in them when done up. Much like the other factors mentioned above, if your connections aren’t secure then there’s more opportunity for the equipment to rattle around, which is a big source of noise.

Type of roller

There are several kinds of bike training device, of which a roller is just one. It’s arguably the most basic and is one of the quietest, so is the type I’ll be paying most attention to in this article.

However, another kind to consider is the fluid resistance trainer. These are by far the quietest kind of bike training machine because the fluid inside the spinning wheel prevents it from making too much noise.

Along with these, you’ll also find magnetic resistance trainers, which are fairly quiet, spin machines, and fan resistance trainers. However, none of these designs are particularly quiet, so we won’t be looking at them here.

Other factors

Obviously, depending on your living situation you might need to consider other factors such as portability and storage size. This is particularly true if you live in an apartment, but if you’re not short of space then it doesn’t really matter too much.

You should also consider the size of the roller, as ones with larger rollers are generally more robust and are less likely to wear out your tires. Also consider the roller’s functionality, as some have more resistance settings than others.

The best quietest bike rollers

Here’s a quick list of the best quiet bike rollers currently available:

  1. Saris CycleOps Fluid Bike Trainer
  2. Rock Bros Quiet Bike Roller
  3. Minoura Folding Training Rollers
  4. Alpcour Fluid Quiet Bike Trainer
  5. Saris CycleOps Silent Bike Roller
  6. Crown Indoor Quiet Bike Roller
  7. Saris CycleOps Smart Fluid Bike Trainer
  8. Hulkwheels Indoor Quiet Bike Roller

Now that we have our buying criteria, we can look at the best quiet bike rollers currently on the market. All of these have been chosen with noise levels as the main factor, so you can rest assured that they’ll make as little noise as possible.

1. Saris CycleOps Fluid Bike TrainerSaris CycleOps Fluid Bike Trainer

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This bike trainer is a good place to start because it’s one of the quietest out there. It’s designed with a fluid resistance unit, which accurately captures the feeling of cycling on a road, but doesn’t make much noise either.

It’s designed to accommodate various wheel sizes, and apparently makes around 70dB of noise when in use at high speed. Although this sounds like a lot, it’s about the equivalent of a toilet being flushed.

Also, the bike connections are very sturdy and secure, even when cycling at high speeds. Along with giving you a good sense of security, this also means there’s very little movement in the equipment itself, which helps to keep noise levels down.

It has a wide base that keeps it stable and can take a total weight of up to 300lbs. The only real downside of this bike trainer is its price, but this is really justified by the quality of the equipment.

2. Rock Bros Quiet Bike Roller

ROCK BROS Bike Rollers Bike Trainer Adjustable Indoor Bike Trainer Stand Folding Cycling Bicycle Roller with Resistance for MTB Mountain Road Bike Exercise Gym

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This machine is a more traditional bike roller, which means it’s also on the less expensive side. It folds away really easily and is light enough to carry it around if needed.

The frame and rollers are made from aluminum, which makes it fairly sturdy. The rollers are parabolic rather than straight, as this improves stability when the bike is on them.

The overall noise levels of this bike roller aren’t very high, as the only sound it makes is the rollers rotating when in use. While the manufacturers don’t give an exact dB level, it’s definitely on the quieter end of the spectrum.

However, what holds this roller back is the fact that it’s not very heavy. While this is fine if you want to carry it around, it does mean it has the tendency to rattle if you don’t keep it well oiled. If you’re on a budget, though, this will be a good choice.

3. Minoura Folding Training Rollers

Minoura Folding Trainer Rollers with Step Guard

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If money is less of a concern for you, then this bike roller could be a good choice. Although it uses a fairly simple design, its quality materials mean that it’s still very secure and durable.

The frame isn’t hollow but is made from metal stripping, meaning it’s still lightweight but doesn’t rattle as much as some other models on this list. The urethane belt that moves the rollers does so almost silently.

Like other bike roller frames, it folds down for an easy story, which makes this a good choice for those short on space. The frame can also be adjusted depending on the size of your bike, which is another helpful feature.

One big downside of this bike roller, however, is the fact that it doesn’t come with bike fastenings. You have to buy these separately, but they’re also available online. If you’re willing to spend the money, this will be a good choice for a quiet bike roller.

4. Alpcour Fluid Quiet Bike Trainer 

Alpcour Fluid Bike Trainer Stand – Portable Stainless Steel Indoor Trainer w/Fluid Flywheel, Noise Reduction, Progressive Resistance, Dual-Lock System – Stationary Exercise for Road & Mountain Bikes

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One of the major benefits of this fluid bike trainer is that the manufacturers have designed it specifically to reduce whir when in use. This feature not only reduces noise but also friction, which leads to less wear on your bike.

Like other fluid bike trainers, this machine mimics road resistance, so it provides a better training experience than a simple bike roller. Also, resistance is dependent on how fast you pedal, meaning you have total control over your exercise regime.

Importantly, this trainer’s base is very stable and it fixes securely to your bike frame, so you should have little worry about toppling over. Its superior construction also means it’s less likely to rattle when in use, which is a big help here.

It also comes with different fixing heads for different bikes and can be adjusted for different wheel sizes. While it’s on the higher end of the price scale, it’s a good choice for those looking for a versatile and silent bike trainer.

5. Saris CycleOps Silent Bike Roller

Saris CycleOps Aluminum Roller for Indoor Bike Trainer, New Roller

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This is another bike roller that’s been designed for silent use, and the manufacturers have paid special attention to how freely the rollers can roll in order to reduce noise levels.

The design is still fairly simple though. It consists of an aluminum frame with several rollers attached, and that’s basically it. The benefit of this design is that there are fewer moving parts, meaning there’s less that can make noise.

It’s designed to be portable and easy to store, as it can be folded in half to reduce space. This makes it a good choice for apartments, but obviously you need enough floor space to open it in full.

While the rollers are almost silent when in use, the frame is quite light, and so there’s a possibility it could rattle around if you’re cycling really fast. However, it takes a lot of work to reach this point, so it probably won’t happen very often.

6. Crown Indoor Quiet Bike Roller

Crown Roller Bike Trainer Indoor Stationary Cycling Roller Trainer

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Not all bike rollers are created equal, and this one definitely has some superior design features that set it apart from the others. However, this does come with a heftier price tag attached, so it might not be the one for everyone.

It has a telescopic frame, which means that it’s easy to store, and can be adjusted for bikes with a wheelbase of up to 46 inches. This is ideal if several people want to use it but have different sized bikes.

Its frame is fairly sturdy and has quite a wide base, which means it doesn’t rattle around when in use. Also, its rollers are made from aluminum, and they run very smoothly, even at high speeds.

The rollers are heavier than on other models, which is meant to help with resistance but also helps with the overall sturdiness. Importantly, it means there won’t be any rattling when in use. What’s more, the gold accents on this bike roller make it much nicer to look at.

7. Saris CycleOps Smart Fluid Bike Trainer

Saris CycleOps Fluid2 Smart Equipped Indoor Bike Trainer

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As you can see, Saris have something of a monopoly on quiet bike trainers, and for good reason. This is a higher-end model, and so is slightly more expensive, but the quality materials and design justify this.

The fluid resistance unit not only provides you with varying resistance depending on your speed, but it helps to keep everything really quiet too, as the moving parts are encased in a fluid.

What sets this apart from the other fluid bike trainers is that it comes with a speed sensor that can be connected to a number of cycling apps. This allows you to keep much better track of your training because it monitors all the necessary factors.

It has a wide base, which makes it nice and stable, and the bike connectors are very secure. There are several connectors included, so it works on a number of bikes, and it can be adjusted to accommodate wheels up to 29 inches high.

8. Hulkwheels Indoor Quiet Bike Roller

This bike roller has perhaps the sturdiest base of all the bike rollers listed here, which makes it a great choice when it comes to noise levels. That said, its aluminum frame is still light, and so it’s easy to carry and store.

Unlike other models, this one has plastic rollers, which help with noise levels. However, while it might make the machine quieter, it does obviously have an impact on its durability. If you plan on using the machine a lot you might want to stick with one that has aluminum rollers.


The frame is telescopic and so can be used on a wide range of bikes. The maximum wheel size it can take is 29 inches, which is fairly large. What’s more, the various moving parts can be secured in place, which helps with its overall stability.

Considering this is in a more entry-level price bracket, it’s good value for the money. The parts all work well, and providing you can tolerate the plastic rollers, this will be a very good choice if you want a truly quiet indoor bike training machine.

Some final thoughts

Buying a quiet bike roller doesn’t have to be a difficult task. As soon as you know what to look for there should be plenty of options available. If there isn’t one on this list that seems right for your needs, use it as a starting point and do a bit more research. There’s bound to be a bike roller out there for you!

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