8 Quietest Generators on the Market

Whether you’re looking to power your outdoor adventures such as hunting and camping, or just want something to get you through power outages at home, a generator can be a convenient solution.

But with this convenience comes an undesired by-product of noise, and while you can buy a quiet generator to address the noise problem, the sheer number of options on the market might complicate things.

Quietest Generators

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So, which are the quietest generators on the market? Here are 8 of the quietest generators on the market (with links to their listings on Amazon):

  1. WEN 56125i
  2. Atima AY2000i
  3. Honda EU3000iS
  4. Yamaha EF2000iSv2
  5. Briggs & Stratton P2200
  6. Generac 6866 iQ2000
  7. Champion 4000
  8. Westinghouse iGen1200

The rest of this article will review the quietest generators on the market in great detail and provide useful tips to help you choose the best fit for your needs. Read on for more.

1. WEN 56475 1250-Watt Generator

  • Watts: 1250
  • dB: 51
  • Fuel Capacity: 2.6L
  • Running Time: 10 hours
  • Weight: 31.6

Considered as a super quiet generator with a noise level of 51 decibels (dB), you can only compare its humming to that of a window AC or the volume of a normal conversation. And while the Eco-Mode feature is mostly responsible for its quiet operation, the generator’s noise is generally low even when you engage the full-throttle mode.

However, there’s more to this generator than just quiet operation.

For starters, the Wen 56125i Generator is safe to use with devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and other electrical gadgets that are prone to overloading. In case of any safety issues, it’ll automatically shut off courtesy of its low-fuel and low-oil settings.

To crown this up, the indicator lights update you on what is happening, keeping you alert at all times. With such emphasis on safety, you’ll rarely experience mishaps with this generator.

Elsewhere, the smart Eco-Throttle feature detects the power needs of plugged items, which helps manage gasoline more efficiently. Its fuel tank can run for as long as 5 hours non-stop, meaning you get an uninterrupted power supply for a long time at a lower cost.

And in case your power needs exceed the 1250 Watts, you can always link the Wen 56125i to another WEN generator using a separate connector to boost the wattage.

Despite these advantages, there are downsides to this generator. First on that list is the low capacity of the fuel tank, which will keep you refueling frequently.

Second, It has fuel draining problems because once you switch off the generator, it immediately cuts off the fuel supply. If there is any fuel left in circulation (which is often the case), it’ll remain trapped in the carburetor, which isn’t good news.

Has USB PortsSmall fuel tank
USDA-approved spark arrestorFuel draining problems
Eco-Mode feature for fuel conservation 
Parallel connection facility 

2. Atima AY2000i Generator

  • Watts: 2000
  • dB: 51-61
  • Fuel Capacity:3.8L
  • Running Time: 10.3 hours
  • Weight: 50lb

Weighing 50 pounds (lbs.), the Atima AY2000i portable generator comes loaded with a powerful Yamaha engine. If you’re familiar with engines, you probably know that Yamaha produces some of the most reliable engines on the market; and the one on the Atima is no exception.

But a powerful engine with minimal noise isn’t all there is to the Atima. Thanks to its lightweight design and expertly integrated wheels, the Atima AY2000i is easy to tug around, making it a great option if you’re looking for a generator to use outdoors.

And that is not all…

Its shape accentuates the aesthetic design. That means apart from its reliable power generation, it’s a beauty to tug along during your outdoor adventures. The LCD also adds to its beautiful design, and so do the aluminum curves that shine even in darkness.

A word of caution, though:

If you prefer a generator with a fuel gauge, more indicators, or a start button, then the Atima won’t meet your expectations. Also, considering how advanced technology is today, you’d expect to start the machine by simply pressing a button.

Unfortunately, this generator still starts using a pull-cord. Worse still, you have to manually track the run-time hours to determine its fuel consumption, and this makes it tricky to know when to refuel.

Wheels for easy mobilityLacks a fuel gauge
Smart Throttle for fuel efficiencyManual engine start

3. Honda EU3000iS Generator

  • Watts: 3000
  • dB: 49-58
  • Fuel Capacity: 12.9L
  • Half-Load Time: 10 hours
  • Weight: 150lb

If you love camping, tailgating, or hunting, you might want to take a closer look at this super-quiet hulk because it packs all the power you need for your outdoor adventures. With between 49-58 dB, its humming sound is lower than a normal conversation, meaning your neighbors will barely notice that you are using a generator.

Better yet, its fuel efficiency is nothing short of amazing and pocket-friendly. Thanks to the eco-throttle feature, Honda Eu3000iS gives you more output per mileage. And since it does this while maintaining a steady and safe power supply to your home or campsite, you won’t have to worry about your devices getting damaged by power fluctuations.

As with any generator on the market, this quiet powerhouse has its fair share of imitations. At 150lb, it is on the heavy side of things despite its miniature size. That means moving it around will be a hassle, especially when loading it onto your RV or any other vehicle.

Additionally, the Honda EU3000iS doesn’t come with a 12V chargers cable, meaning you’ll need to buy these separately. It also doesn’t have USB ports, which can be an issue if you’re looking to charge your mobile devices on the go but lack another charging mechanism.

Low Decibel (dB) countLacks the USB ports
Efficient fuel consumptionDoes not ship with oil
Safe inverter-secure for electronics useHeavy, weighing 150lb with fuel onboard

4. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator

  • Watts: 2000
  • dB: 51.5 – 61
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.8L
  • Half Load Time: 10.3 hours
  • Weight: 44.1lb

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is one of the smallest portable generators on the market with low fuel consumption and high power output.

Thanks to the Smart Throttle technology on board, you will save fuel while sparing your neighbors the noise. As for the noise levels, you can expect anything between 51.5 and 61dBs thanks to the rubber vibration isolation feet.

If your power needs exceed the 2000-watt limit of the Yamaha EF2000iSv2, you can always pair it with another generator provided they share a manufacturer. To do this, you’ll need parallel connection cables, which, unfortunately, aren’t included. On the bright side, the EF2000iSv2 doesn’t retain fuel in the carburetors after you turn it off, which can’t be said of many generators in its price range.

Apart from the lack of parallel connection cables, there aren’t many drawbacks to using this generator. The only other problem you might have with it is the oil reservoir, which due to its small size, means you’ll be changing the oil frequently.

Conspicuous fuel gaugeSmall oil reservoir
Gasoline petcock for fuel storage 
Smart Throttle technology 

5. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Generator

  • Watts: 2200
  • dB: 59
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.8L
  • Half Load Time: 8 hours
  • Weight: 54.6lb

You get to enjoy a great balance of quietness and fuel efficiency when you choose to go with this Briggs & Stratton 30651invertor.

Only weighing about 55lb, you can carry it around effortlessly, making it ideal if your usage involves moving your generator around often. It also has handles that give you something to hold onto when carrying it, which shows the manufacturer’s emphasis on portability.

In terms of price, this machine is pocket friendly despite packing a substantial output of 1700 running watts. However, you can still have a parallel connection with another generator using the connector port to boost watts output should you need more power than its 2200-watt limit.

Keep in mind that California has emission rules that this generator doesn’t comply with. So if you live in the state of California or any other state with strict emission regulations, this might not be the best option.

While still on the subject of limitations, it’s worth mentioning that the Briggs & Stratton portable generator doesn’t come with the Eco-Mode feature.

USB portsLow running watts
LightweightDoes not ship to California
Handles for easy portability 
Parallel connector port 

6. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator

  • Watts: 2000
  • dB: N/A
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.0L
  • Half Load Time: 5.7 hours
  • Weight: 46lb

The Generac 6866 iQ2000 is another portable generator designed with outdoor users in mind. Weighing at just 55lb, it’s a machine that won’t be bulky to travel with because the top handle also helps with portability.

But there’s more to the Generac than effortless portability. With settings that allow you to toggle between the three modes of operation, you can adjust to the specific power needs of every occasion. To do this, you only need to monitor the number of watts you often use on certain occasions and adjust accordingly.

Also, switching on the generator is quite simple. You only need to turn the power dial and… voila! The generator is on. To add to its user-friendly design, there’s a display that indicates the amount of run time you’ll get with the remaining fuel, which is great for planning ahead.

The only downside to this unit is the lack of decibel indications on the manufacturer’s manual. Without this number, it can be problematic to determine how much noise you can expect from this generator. But with low outputs, users have reported a fairly quiet operation.

While not a downside as per se, it’s worth mentioning that the Generac is susceptible to damage by low-quality gasoline. So if you choose it, you’ll need to be selective with what you put in the tank.

The display indicates watts producedEasily spoiled by the low-quality gasoline
Time until the empty indicator 
Engines speeds are adjustable 

7. Champion 4000-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter

  • Watts: 4000
  • dB: 64
  • Fuel Capacity: 11.0L
  • Half Load Time: 9.5 hours
  • Weight: 81.6lb

If you are looking for a quiet and super lightweight inverter, the Champion 4000-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter fits the bill.

With operational noise of about 64 decibels, it won’t cause more disturbance than a normal laugh. And while its 81.6lb weight might seem like much, the Open Frame is easier to handle and lighter than many other models on the market, including its predecessor (the Champion 3500- Watt Inverter).

For quiet operation, the Open Frame relies on the Quiet Technology digital inverter housed inside. Elsewhere, the Quick Touch panel makes adjustments effortless, while the Cold Start Technology guarantees steady power supply even in the most extreme temperatures.

In terms of running time, you have an 11-liter fuel tank that provides long hours of uninterrupted power supply. The Economy Mode feature is equally helpful in this regard, as it allows you to get more power with less fuel consumption.

As for the downsides, there aren’t many related to performance because the Champion 4000 generator is a heavy-duty machine. That said, you might find it a tad louder than some of the generators on the market even though the difference is subtle.

8. Westinghouse iGen1200

  • Watts: 1200
  • dB: 52
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.0L
  • Half Load Time: 9 hours
  • Weight: 33lb

If you can’t stand the extra decibels of the Champion 400-watt inverter, the Westinghouse iGen1200 can be a great alternative. It is not just quieter; it’s also lighter than the Champion.

But with the quieter operation and extra portability of the Westinghouse comes lower watts of about 1200. That said, if you’re looking for something to power your camping trip, a seminar in the woods, or simply get you through the occasional blackouts, that’s more power than you need. In case you need more watts, you can always find its parallel connector port and connect it to another generator.

With a low sound output and a lightweight design, the Westinghouse iGen is perfect for the outdoor lover. It’s also small thanks to its compact design, which makes it the ultimate solution for anyone who uses their generator on the go.

In terms of running time, you shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary because the fuel tank can only accommodate 3 liters. That’s not to say that it has a lower-than-normal fuel capacity, however, because 3-4liters is just about the average for many portable generators.

That said, the fact that the Westinghouse iGen 1200 requires frequent refueling is one of its main drawbacks. It’s also pricier than many other inverters with the same wattage.

Parallel connectivity portPricey
LightweightLow Capacity fuel tank
Super-quiet, at 52dB 

How to Choose the Quietest Generator

Now that you know where to start looking when shopping for a quiet generator, the next thing you need to do is to choose the right fit for your specific needs.

To help you out, here are the important factors to consider when making that choice:


You need to consider the size of the generator before committing your money on a particular option. Since you’ll likely be using the generator occasionally, it’ll be in storage most of the time.

So unless storage space isn’t an issue, you’ll want something that won’t take up all the space for other items. And even with unlimited storage, you’ll want your generator to be small enough to carry around if you use it outdoors.

Fuel Capacity

This depends mostly oh how you intend to use your generator. For camping and other forms of outdoor use, for instance, you’ll want a bigger fuel tank. This way, you won’t have to make frequent trips to the gas station (which chances are, won’t be near your camping site)

Similarly, a bigger tank might not be worth the extra price if you’re looking to use your generator as a backup in case of power outages, because this is something you’ll occasionally be using.

The bottom line is, choose the fuel capacity based on your usage.


It can be a bummer to go camping or hunting with a generator that you can’t easily move around. Lucky for you, you have some portable options in the eight quiet generators we reviewed earlier.

But to maximize portability, you need to look for a small and lightweight generator. It also helps to have wheels and handles if you’re going to use your generator outdoors, where uneven terrain makes it difficult to carry heavy stuff.


How many devices will you be powering with your generator? What are their approximate wattage needs? Once you determine this, you can estimate the number of watts you’ll need and use this info to choose a generator that can support that.

Keep in mind that getting a low wattage generator when your power needs are very high will strain the machine, which often results in mechanical problems. On the other hand, choosing a high wattage generator when you only need to power a few items is a surefire way to incur unnecessary expenses.

Decibel Rating

The whole point of buying a quiet generator is to minimize noise. So when choosing one, be sure to pay attention to the decibel rating and keep this number as low as possible.

To give you some perspective, the sound rating of a conversation in a house is about 50dB. So if you choose a generator with sound output between 50 and 60dB, it’ll be a relatively quiet machine.

Keep in mind that depending on where you live or where you want to put the generator, the acceptable noise level may vary.

Smart Throttling

If you’re new to operating generators, smart throttling is an important feature to have in your generator because it takes the pressure off you. In simple terms, it automatically adjusts the power output to suit the specific power needs of the devices plugged in.

Summing Up

In reality, it’s next to impossible to find a generator with zero noise because any machine that uses gasoline will always produce some sound.

However, you can get a truly quiet one by choosing one of the following options:

  • WEN 56125i
  • Atima AY2000i
  • Honda EU3000iS
  • Yamaha EF2000iSv2
  • Briggs & Stratton P2200
  • Generac 6866 iQ2000
  • Champion 4000
  • Westinghouse iGen1200

To choose the right fit for your needs, consider:

  • Size
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Portability
  • Wattage
  • Decibel Rating
  • Smart Throttling


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