5 Best Interior Doors for Soundproofing

After researching the most popular soundproof interior door choices, we've identified five that customers usually go for. Check them all out here!

Solid wood doorS

Doors made from solid wood are much denser and heavier, which automatically means they provide better sound insulation.



Solid core doorS

These doors are becoming more popular day by day. They provide decent sound insulation for a lower cost than solid wood doors.

Communicating doorS

This door system suggests that you add an extra door in front of your current door. This could make a good soundproofing improvement for your home.



Acoustic doorS

Acoustic doors are the most effective at soundproofing. They were designed specifically to block and absorb all frequencies of noise.

Glass doorS

Glass doors are usually used for aesthetic reasons, but they can also be made soundproof by inserting a glass pane into a wood or steel door.


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