How To Stop Jeans From Making a Popping Noise When Walking

Jeans are an essential clothing staple that you can expect to find in any wardrobe. They are versatile, affordable, and generally recognized as comfortable if you find the right pair. However, some jeans may make a popping noise when you walk, which isn’t comfortable at all.

Stop Jeans From Making a Popping Noise When Walking

How To Stop Jeans From Making a Popping Noise When Walking

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Here are a few ways to stop jeans from making a popping noise when you walk:

  1. Hike your jeans up and fasten with a belt.
  2. Wash your jeans with fabric softener.
  3. Get your jeans tailored.
  4. Apply scentless deodorant onto the parts that are making the popping noise.
  5. Buy a different pair of jeans.

Wearing a pair of jeans that make a popping noise can be extremely frustrating, making each step you take uncomfortable. That said, I will explain what you can do to prevent that annoying popping sound that occurs when you walk.

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1. Hike Your Jeans Up and Fasten With a Belt

The popping noise you hear may be from extra fabric in the crotch area. Pulling your jeans up slightly higher could help resolve this problem. After you’ve pulled up the jeans, tie a belt to keep them in place and prevent extra room in the crotch region from causing the popping sound.

Hiking up your jeans is the fastest and easiest way to solve this issue. However, if your jeans continue to make popping sounds after pulling them up and fastening with a belt, the issue might be the fit around your legs.

Sometimes, certain jeans are just not the right shape and fabric for your body. In that case, you might want to return the jeans and ask for a refund or swap them for a different pair that’s a better fit for you.

2. Wash Your Jeans With Fabric Softener

If your jeans are still new or you just haven’t worn them much, they will be prone to making popping sounds as the jean fabric is quite firm and stiff. Washing your jeans with a fabric softener and cold water will help make them less rigid and ultimately more comfortable when you walk.

Once your jeans are looser or softer, they will be less likely to make popping noises. If you don’t want to wear jeans on the loose side, opt for jeans made with softer fabric. According to Bustle, the most comfortable jeans are made with soft and supportive fabrics such as cotton and elastane blends.

3. Get Your Jeans Tailored

Unless you can tailor the jeans on your own, it’s a good idea to take them for tailoring. By doing so, you can be confident that your jeans will be a perfect fit after they’ve been customized. This is especially so if the popping noise is due to your jeans being too big around the crotch area.

4. Apply Scentless Deodorant Onto the Parts That Are Making the Popping Noise

Applying scentless deodorant onto the parts of your jeans that are producing the popping noise can help sort the issue too. The deodorant will act as a lubricant, thus alleviating the sound. Think of it as using baby powder on your inner thighs to prevent or soothe chafing.

5. Buy a Different Pair of Jeans

If you have tried every hack and nothing seems to stop the popping sound when you walk, you may want to consider buying a different pair of jeans.

Although the quality of your jeans doesn’t determine whether they will make a popping noise when you walk, a quality pair of jeans is less likely to give you this problem as long as they fit properly.

Why Jeans Make a Popping Noise When You Are Walking

In most cases, jeans make popping sounds when you walk because they are not the right fit for you or the material is not the best quality.

The best way to prevent jeans from being uncomfortable and making popping noises when you walk is by fitting them and walking in them before you make a purchase.

Jeans made out of nylon tend to make popping and crackling noises due to the electromagnetic field that nylon has on its surface. So when you are buying jeans, check the label and ensure the jeans are not made of nylon.

As aforementioned, opt for cotton or elastane jeans as they make for soft and comfortable clothing. Elastane is a lightweight fiber that is an excellent fabric for stretchy and durable jeans.

How To Properly Take Care of Your Jeans

Like most clothing articles, there is a right and wrong way to care for your jeans. I will share a few tips to prolong your jeans’ lifespan:

Don’t Wash Your Jeans After Each Wear

Washing your jeans after each wear puts them at risk of shrinking and not fitting you anymore. You can wear your jeans 3-4 times before you wash them, although experts at Levi recommend washing them no more than after every ten wears.

If you spot a stain, use an old toothbrush or damp cloth with soap and warm water to remove it. If your jeans get dirty before you’ve worn them 3-4 times and you can’t remove the stains with soap and an old toothbrush/cloth, throw them in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can hand wash them.

Wash Your Jeans With Cold Water

Coldwater prevents your jeans from fading. Washing jeans with cold water also protects them from shrinkage. For maximum protection against fading, turn your jeans inside out and avoid potent soaps. This helps preserve the color.

Let Your Jeans Air Dry

Allowing your jeans to air dry preserves the fit of your jeans and prevents shrinkage, as dryers are a significant shrinkage hazard.

Turn your jeans inside out and let them dry in a shady area since the sun can fade the color and cause shrinkage. You will also be saving electricity by not using the dryer to dry your jeans.


Finding the right pair of jeans can often be frustrating and daunting. However, trial and error are sometimes necessary in locating the perfect pair of jeans. Do not feel bad or criticize yourself if you don’t like how a pair of jeans look on you; they are simply not the right fit!


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