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Best Sound Deadeners For Your Vehicle

In this article, we take a look at some sound deadeners which will make your car quiet. After using these, you will find a huge reduction in engine and road noise levels.

best sound deadener vehicle

These are the Top 3 Best Selling Sound Deadeners:

The sound deadener that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for cars is the Dynamat Xtreme. They are very effective at deadening noise coming from the engine of your car and road noise. I can assure you that if liberally used, you will experience at least a 50% reduction of noise levels. Check out the video from Crutchfield that beautifully demonstrates the effectiveness of the Dynamat.

Reducing Road Noise with Dynamat Noise Damping Solutions | Crutchfield Video

9 to 18 db reduction is really awesome! The Dynamat Xtreme is sold at Amazon in box sets of nine 18″ x 32″ pieces.

Fatmat and Noico are other popular brands among butyl sound deadeners. They are definitely priced lesser but are not as effective as Dynamat.

Why is Dynamat the First Choice Amongst Sound Deadeners

There are mainly three reasons that make the Dynamat the best sound deadener on the list.

  • Most effective of the three.
  • Not Asphalt based (important factor).
  • Cost effective as compared to industry-grade Mass Loaded Vinyls

The Dynamat sound deadener is very effective and is a very popular choice. Read the many positive user reviews on Amazon to know more.

The greatest plus point of the Dynamat is that it is not asphalt based which means that it is suitable for all climatic conditions.

Problem with Asphalt Based Sound Deadeners (Fatmat and Noico)

Asphalt based sound deadeners are unsuitable for use in hot climatic conditions. In hot temperatures, these asphalt based deadeners will melt and emit an almost unbearable smell.

There are instances of people complaining about Fatmat and Noico melting at high temperatures and creating a mess.

However, if you live in a place that has cold weather conditions throughout the year, the Fatmat or Noico deadeners are an option.

Where to Apply Dynamat in a Vehicle

The priority should be under the floor mats in the front of the vehicle. This is where most of the road noise that you hear comes from.

Thereafter, do the areas under the floor mats next to the rear seats. Then come the doors and the roofs. For doors, you would require the door kit separately which is also sold on Amazon.

If wisely applied, you can achieve good results without 100% coverage.

How much will you need for your vehicle?

This is not an easy question to answer as vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. Noico has a guide in their product description on Amazon website, do check it out.

Best Sound Deadener

If you are not sure, start with two box sets. In case you run out after that, you can order more.

Price Comparison

The superior quality of Dynamat sound deadener does come at a price.  Nonetheless, it is a cost-effective way to deaden your car as compared to Mass Loaded Vinyls.

Do check out my article on the best Dynamat alternatives for more options other than Fatmat and Noico.

The Dynamat Xtreme comes at a little over $4 per sq ft. The Fatmat Rattletrap is priced about $2.20 per sq ft whereas the Noico comes at approximately $1.80 per sq ft.

If budget is a constraint, then the Fatmat Rattletrap is a better option as it has many positive reviews on Amazon.

Why Do You Need A Sound Deadener?

Haven’t you noticed how irritating all that traffic noise can be when you are trying to enjoy a long drive. The revving of that motorcycle, the horn of that truck and road noise will not allow you to have a decent conversation with your co-travelers.

The quality of music that you hear also suffers because if a car is poorly soundproofed. Just compare how the stereo sounds when the car is parked as compared to when it is running. If you want your car stereo to always sound good with engines running and while driving, you need to treat those parts of the car that pass sound easily.

The most cost-effective solution is to add sound deadening materials which are designed for vehicles. These materials are flexible, can easily be cut into pieces and have an adhesive backing that can easily be stuck to various portions of your car.

Please note that these are not noise barriers. These materials damp the resonance of the metal or plastic that they are attached to. An ideal noise barrier for cars would be a Mass Loaded Vinyl which is much more effective but costly too.

Amongst the sound deadeners, the Dynamat Xtreme is worth considering. So, go ahead and check the latest prices on Amazon, read the reviews and make an informed decision.

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