Top Recommendation For Quiet Hair Dryers

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Best Quiet Hair DryerOne deafening moment of a beauty routine is when you have to turn on the hairdryer. A regular hair dryer comes on roaring and suddenly upsets everybody in the house.

Also, let’s not forget the significant danger your hearing is exposed to every day you use a regular roaring hairdryer.

Thanks to latest innovations and our endless desire for noise-free equipment and environments, you and I can enjoy the satisfying option of a quiet hair dryer.

My recommended pick is the JINRI 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer (Amazon link).

Why do I recommend The JINRI Hair Dryer?

Quiet And Efficient

The JINRI is a low noise dryer with an outstanding efficiency that can compete with any regular roaring dryer. This dryer is unique because it does not sacrifice efficiency for sound. It is well balanced between performance and low noise.

It has a long-life AC motor that guarantees shorter drying time with less noise.  For full and stubborn hair that usually takes thirty minutes to get it completely dry, this professional dryer cuts that time in half.

The JINRI is suitable for use in any environment.


The JINRI is strategically designed to serve with convenience and power. I enjoy the lightweight nature of the dryer in addition to its small size and removable parts, this dryer can go anywhere and still perform wonderfully.

The size in no way reduces the power of this dryer; it is as useful as a bigger hairdryer, if not more.

Three Temperature Settings

With this professional dryer, you get three temperature settings for your use – hot, cold or warm.  Standard.

Two-speed options support these settings. The JINRI offers maximum control and flexibility for comfort.

Infrared Heat, Diffuser and Concentrator

The infrared heat feature is oddly soothing, with a gentle drying heat that guarantees there is minimal damage to the hair.

Over time, this dryer maintains healthy hair and gives a shiny finished look. It also stimulates blood flow on the scalp.

The diffuser and concentrator serve as incentives and useful materials for the maintenance of healthy hair. I commend the manufacturers for this thoughtful addition.


The JINRI 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer (Amazon link) is detachable, and easy to put together. It is equally convenient to clean and package.

Another commendable feature is the outer coating, which is temperature resistant. You will feel more comfortable using the dryer without fear that your fingers could get burned.

The connecting pieces are also heat resistant. This professional dryer can be safely used at home or in salons.

Why Go For A Quiet Hair Dryer?

Hair dryers tend to be noisy because of their operational structure. A typical hair dryer runs on electric coils, and a small fan powered by a motor. The motors run at high speeds which generate loud noises as they work.

The noise levels of a regular dryer have been determined at a worrying 90Db. This sound level is equivalent to that in a train station or from another powered engine. Most users can agree they sometimes experience ringing or buzzing sounds after using these dryers.

With such high decibel levels everyone is at risk, beginning with your ears as the dryers are always passed so close to them; then the hair stylists, other customers at a salon and children or anyone regularly around this conditions.

When selecting an ideal quiet hair dryer, a lot must be put into consideration. These factors include;

  • Weight
  • Noise levels
  • Performance
  • Wattage and settings

An excellent quiet dryer will protect your hearing, scalp, and hair at the same time.

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