Do Egg Cartons Work for Soundproofing?

Soundproofing a room can be an expensive task to accomplish. Fortunately, there are alternative resources that people can utilize to soundproof their room successfully.

Egg cartons aren’t a great solution for soundproofing a room, but they can help to reduce the vibration of sound and echoes. Although egg cartons may serve as a cheap option, their quality will show in the price and process of installing the cartons on your walls.

This article will discuss whether egg cartons really soundproof a room. I’ll also provide additional homemade options to soundproof a room independently without hiring professional help.

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Do Egg Cartons Really Soundproof a Room?

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Egg cartons, at first glance, appear to be an excellent option for soundproofing a room because they have an attractive shape for soundproofing, and their ultimate purpose is to protect eggs from vibration. However, that isn’t the case.

Egg cartons don’t really soundproof a room. They may muffle any vibrations or loud noises, but they will not serve to entirely soundproof a room. Ultimately, the material that egg cartons are made of isn’t strong enough to completely soundproof a room.

Egg cartons are thin, and can only help individuals reduce the loudness of a sound and the echo in a room. Soundproofing a room requires a material that’ll completely block out sound, and sound will, unfortunately, travel right through egg cartons. Thus, egg cartons aren’t a viable solution for completely blocking out sound.

However, egg cartons do work well in the following three ways:

  • The shape of the egg cartons can help with sound deflection. They help to break up vibration and reduce the noise in a room.
  • Although egg cartons can’t fully absorb sound, they can act as a guard. Egg cartons can move sound, reducing echoing in a room.
  • If not for large sound blocking purposes, you can use egg cartons as a slight noise reducer. They have a certain aesthetic appeal that might catch the eye.

If your main goal is to reduce sound, it’s best to try other homemade solutions than egg cartons. The following qualities are valuable to look for in soundproofing material:

  • Material that’s a few inches thick that helps absorb sound, such as carpet.
  • Soft material is better for soundproofing than hard material..
  • Material that is dense and buoyant, killing off loud noises and echoes.

Finding the Right Material

Although the material that egg cartons are made of is not strong enough for soundproofing, it does have similar qualities to other soundproofing materials.

While selecting a suitable material for your soundproofing needs, it is first necessary to decide what type of soundproofing you want. Some materials work better than others, especially if you’re seeking to block out sound entirely.

For soundproofing a room, here are five great options:

  • Hang up moving blankets on your walls.
  • Place acoustic curtains over your windows, blocking out outside noise.
  • Hang up mineral wool as a structural form of insulation.
  • Place acoustic foam all over the walls.
  • Place anti-vibration pads throughout the room.

Most soundproofing material also works as a thermal barrier of insulation, which contributes to blocking sound and keeps the space warm and relaxed during all seasons of the year.

The material that’s most similar to egg cartons is acoustic foam. It works similarly to egg cartons due to the shape while also blocking out all sounds.

Structural Soundproofing

It’s most common to add soundproofing to a room as an accessory after occupying a space for some time. However, another option is to build structural insulation elements into your home instead as a way to add soundproofing.

Adding structural soundproofing elements can block out sound while insulating the room. This can be a high-priced option if you are not already planning on changing the structure of a room.

When considering adding structural soundproofing, there are a couple of different options to consider. It’s best to choose a soundproofing option that fits best with the structure of the room:

  • Soundproofing drywall
  • Soundproofing insulation

There are alternative options for soundproofing insulation, such as wool, but they may work better as insulation than they would as soundproofing material. If changing the room structure is something you’re considering, it may be best to consult with a professional and plan accordingly.

Do Egg Cartons Really Soundproof a Room if Used With Foam?

egg cartons as soundproofing option

Although egg cartons alone might not work well for soundproofing, they do have some great qualities that can provide a little bit of help with blocking out sound.

Egg cartons can soundproof a room if used with foam. However, it may not provide complete noise insulation. This is an excellent homemade solution for those bound by a budget, since it will help to keep soft and moderate noises inside the walls of the room.

When installing egg cartons onto the wall, it’s best to include foam, fabric, or some type of insulation inside the carton to add additional support. Any material can be added to this process, but it might be most valuable to add a dense, soft material that can absorb sound.

It’s also important to remember that this solution may not be the most successful option if you want a flawless soundproofing solution. Egg cartons aren’t the best for quieting a room, but they can provide some help and are better than having nothing at all.

Each option has its perks and its flaws. When considering to install insulation for all of your sound needs, the different options can be evaluated based on the quality they can provide:

  • Install structural soundproofing into your room for the highest quality.
  • Add soundproofing insulation around walls for quality that provides exceptional results.
  • Install egg cartons with fabric or insulation for a mediocre soundproofing installation.

Final Thoughts

Many people believe that egg cartons are a great way to soundproof a room. Depending on what you’re looking for, egg cartons may not be the best help with soundproofing. Egg cartons can help with echoes and the loudness of a sound, but other options might serve as a better solution.


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