Best Window Glass to Reduce Noise or Soundproofing

Unexpected loud noises can be disruptive, especially if you need a quiet environment to focus. But since most of it gets in through the windows, installing soundproof window glasses may help reduce noise levels getting into the building.

This post will look into these window glasses in detail. We will also look at a few factors to consider when choosing window glasses for your home.

Best Window Glass to Reduce Noise

Which is the Best Window Glass to Reduce Noise?

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Laminated glass is the best window glass for soundproofing because of its thin layer, known as polyvinyl butyral, fitted between its two glass panes. The thin layer of the glass provides the best acoustic performance by reducing soundwaves.

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This magnificent soundproofing glass guarantees better sleep, relaxation, concentration, and reduced stress.

Does Thicker Window Glass Reduce Noise?

Thicker window glass tends to reduce noise more. The rule of the thumb is the thicker the glass, the better the soundproof you will experience because it will increase the distance the sound has to travel to get into your home. Because of this, the soundwave will drop along the way.

There is a variety of window thicknesses at your disposal. They range between 1/8 and 1/4 inches (0.32 and 0.64 cm). Moreover, the style and presence of air gaps also play a vital role in determining the quantity of noise to be reduced.

How Thick Should the Glass Be for Soundproofing?

Each glass pane should be at least 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) thick for soundproofing. The thickness of the glass varies depending on the number of panes to be more effective.

For single-pane windows, 1/4 (0.6 cm) thickness of the glass will help reduce the amount of noise. The glass should be ⅛ (0.3 cm) on one side and 3/16 (0.4 cm) on the other side with double pane windows.

Although most soundproof windows help reduce noise at home by about 10 to 25%, none of them can eliminate the noise. You need to set up other measures like adding soundproof materials to walls and ceilings or moving to a quiet neighborhood.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Window Glasses for Your Home

Before settling for window glass, consider the following:

  • Style. Different styles provide varying degrees of ventilation and natural light. One of the window styles is the double-hung, which consists of two horizontal sashes. The lower sash rises internally ahead of the upper sash. Single-hung is another style that consists of two horizontal sashes, with or without grilles. The upper sash remains closed while the bottom sash opens. To open the window, you raise the lower sash internally.
  • Framing Material. Determining the framing material is crucial in selecting windows for your home. For each framing material, check the durability, appearance, and insulation qualities. Also, choose the type of framing material that will suit your needs. They include aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.
  • Energy Efficiency. The window glass of choice’s design should enable it to control airflow from outside and maintain a comfortable ambiance during hot and cold seasons.
  • Window Quality. Even though you may spend more on quality windows, the results are worth the investment.
  • Terms of warranty. Before making any purchase, look at the different warranties available and how long they last. In most cases, the warranty lengths range between 10 and 20 years, or even lifetime, depending on the window parts.

The 3 Best Soundproof Windows for Reducing Noise

Now, let’s look at the best window glass you can use to reduce noise.

1. Laminated Windows

Laminated windows come from laminated glass, which forms a safety glazing. Typically, the window is constructed by combining two glass layers with a sturdy interlayer and applying pressure and heat to build an unseparated bond. The process makes the glass firm and less likely to break.

This window glass is exceptional in soundproofing. Its transparent sheet, known as polyvinyl butyral, inhibits external noise by a significant percentage.

Other than their high-quality soundproofing capabilities, laminated windows offer top-notch security. That’s because the windows are difficult to shatter.

2. Standard Double Pane Window

A double pane window is another superb window glass for soundproofing. The glass window has two glass panes fixed inside each frame. These glass panes have a little space between them that helps build air pockets for insulating your home.

The air pockets work by preventing the outside temperature around your home from altering the temperature inside.

Furthermore, double pane window glasses have extra sheets that hinder external noise from getting inside and vice versa.

The window glass not only helps reduce noise but goes further to enhance the comfortability of your home, lower energy bills, and enhance your home value.

In addition, double pane windows help avoid window condensation that usually forms during colder seasons by creating sufficient heat transfer.

Double pane windows are best suited for those people who live in noisy areas like across the airport or near the highway with heavy trucks passing.

3. Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows consist of three glass panes. Like double pane windows, triple pane windows have a spacer that distinguishes each pane, making them uniform.

They also have gas in between the panes. The glass panes help keep the windows intact while acting as sound barriers and enhancing energy efficiency.

The space between the panes comes in handy in blocking excess noise from outside. And since there are three layers of glass panes, they are more effective in soundproofing than single pane windows.

Furthermore, triple pane windows are much stronger than any other window glasses. You can even hit them 30 times with a basketball and they would remain intact.


Don’t allow loud and weird noises from outside to give you sleepless nights. You can replace your window glasses and enjoy your quiet ambiance inside.

You can opt for laminated windows instead of your regular ones. Double pane and triple pane windows also do an excellent job of soundproofing your home. Besides that, they enhance your home value, reduce energy bills, and make you comfortable.


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