Are Airpods Noise Cancelling? All You Need To Know

When the Apple Airpods were released in late 2016, there was little said about whether this version of Airpods was noise-cancelling or not.

The original models of Airpods were not noise-cancelling but Apple has recently released a new version called the AirPods Pro, which has ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ that claims to adapt to the ears and continuously block out the sounds of the outside world.

Are Airpods Noise Cancelling

If you are looking for earphones that have noise cancellation, then the new Apple Airpod Pros are great options for you.

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In this article, we will go over what features the new Airpod Pros have to offer, how much they cost, where you can purchase them, and discuss some other headphones that offer great noise cancellation.

Apple AirPods Pro Features

The new model of AirPods has a number of features which the original version did not have, including noise cancellation.

Although some users may find the AirPod Pros less desirable (since the futuristic design has been substituted for a more classic, ‘in-ear design’), Apple is boasting a number of improvements from the original model.

Let’s take a look at some of the Apple AirPods Pro features.

Active Noise Cancelling

Yes, the new AirPods are noise cancelling.

The feature that Apple is introducing with this new model of AirPods is called Active Noise Canceling, which apparently uses microphones to monitor outside noise.

Basically, if you are in an area with lots of external noise (like on a plane) then the headphones will adjust the sound so that you will hear more of your music than the background noise.

Supposedly, these AirPods sample and correct the audio you hear up to 200 times a second so that you are constantly getting the best noise cancellation you can get.

In addition to this software feature, the AirPods Pro have an in-ear design (which the original don’t) so they will fit more snugly in your ear, further improving noise cancellation.

Audio Transparency Mode

This feature allows AirPod users to actively hear the noises going on around them – this is done by passing external audio through the microphone and mixing it with what is currently being played from the earphones.

So, if someone is trying to talk to you while you have music playing, you will hear it but you will still hear your music perfectly.

Apple H1 Chip

The Apple H1 Chip is something that was included in the second version of the original AirPods.

This is the chip that powers all of the AirPods features, including Active Noise Cancellation and Hey Siri, and offers ten audio cores for users.

The H1 Chip is how the AirPods Pro run so well, and is one of Apple’s secret weapons.

Force Sensor

A big improvement in the new AirPods is the force sensor, which makes it so that the user can ‘squeeze’ the earphone to either answer calls, skip a song, or rewind.

In the older versions, AirPod users needed to tap the earphone, which would sometimes dislodge or knock out the earphone.

When you activate the force sensor, the user will hear a click in the earpiece so that you know you have successfully ‘squeezed’.


The new AirPods Pro is shipped with USB-C lighting cables, which allow users to both charge and sync their AirPods with the newer versions of the Apple computers.

This simply means that those with the latest Mac computers don’t need to purchase new cables in order to charge their new AirPods Pro.

Sweat Resistant

The AirPods Pro are sweat-resistant, which the older versions were not, which is a huge benefit if you are one of the many who wear AirPods while running or doing exercise.

Although this means you can wear them in the rain, you cannot submerge them in water or wear them in the shower.

Now that you are familiar with some of the features of the new Apple AirPods Pro, let’s look at how much you can expect to pay for this model.

Apple AirPods Pro Price

As you can expect, the Apple AirPods Pro is more expensive than the original models; with a variety of improvements and brand new features, the quality makes the updated price seem accurate.

The new Apple AirPods Pro is retailing at $250 USD.

With the actual AirPods, you also get the following:

  • Wireless charging case (including a free, personalized engraving on the case)
  • Three different sizes of silicone ear tips
  • Lightning to USB-C cable
  • Documentation, including a manual and other information

The package that the AirPods come in includes everything you need to enjoy your earphones. It is also worth mentioning that the AirPods come with a standard One Year Warranty, which covers the user under breakage that is the fault of the manufacturers.

Now that you know the price, let’s look at where you can purchase Apple AirPods Pro.

Where to Buy Apple AirPods Pro

The new AirPods Pro will likely be sold in all stores that sell Apple products, which is many, however, there are a select few retailers that the Apple company website actually confirms will have the new AirPod model.

The stores that Apple mentions who sell the AirPods Pro are:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • B&H Photo
  • Walmart
  • Adorama
  • Amazon

Whether all of these stores are carrying the AirPods Pro online or in-store is not specified.

For those who want to look at other options for noise-cancelling earphones, let’s explore some other alternatives worth looking into.

Apple AirPods Alternatives

There are many options out there for headphones that offer fantastic noise cancellation, some of them with even better quality than AirPods, sometimes for cheaper than the new AirPods Pros.

If you are interested in exploring other options for great noise-cancelling earphones, make sure to check out the following:

  • Sony WF-1000XM3
  • B&O Beoplay E4
  • Sony WI-1000X
  • Bose QuietComfort 20
  • Phiaton BT 120 NC
  • 1MORE E1004
  • Linner NC50
  • Cowin HE8D
  • TaoTronics ANC Earbuds

This is only scratching the surface of the number of earphones out there that have similar features to the Apple AirPods Pros. However, if you are certain that you want the AirPods, then rest assured you are purchasing a high-quality pair of earphones that not only offer plenty of features but look stylish as well.


Although the original Apple AirPods are great headphones that offer a variety of features while also having a minimalistic design, they do not offer noise cancellation and will not block outside noise.

However, the newer version of AirPods, Apple AirPods Pro, do offer a feature called ‘ Active Noise Cancellation’ that the company says will help to block out all external noise for the user.

If you do purchase Apple AirPod Pros, you will get access to features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Force Sensor, and sweat resistance.

You can purchase these earphones at many locations, online and in-person, for about $250 USD. If you are interested in other earphones with similar features, make sure to check out other earphones such as the Bose QuietComfort ’20s, Phiaton BT 120 NC’s, and 1MORE E1004’s.